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Being a home inspector is more than a little like being a detective. Often clues present themselves, if you know how to recognize them, and a conclusion or more often a theory can be drawn. During a recent inspection I noticed that the home had a newer addition. The buyer said he was told it was ...
A few weeks ago I told the tale of my new resident woodchuck Chuckie.  I had found out about my little friend by his not so graciously chowing down on my vegetable garden. Well it turns out ol' Chuckie actually has two homes, one under my deck and one under the neighbors. My neighbor has vegetabl...
How many times as an inspector or real estate agent do you go to a home and find a note about the pets? The most prevalent is not to let the cat out. Dogs are almost always taken away or crated. Funny thing is most of time you never see the cat. It is cowering under a bed or closet somewhere in t...
Electricity is a mysterious energy source. You can't see it but you most certainly can feel if you come in contact with an energized wire. After which you may just have a new hair do. I was inspecting a home the other day that had clearly been recently updated. Nice looking place which an obvious...
Here's a little mystery from a home inspection the other day. Actually it wasn't that mysterious because I knew what had caused the dirty spot. That little grimy patch is actually quite common to find on many homes, but more often it's on an older house. What has caused this smudge is missing. So...
That's what I thought when I saw this beautiful installation of a radon mitigation system. They split the ol' uprights with that pipe. What most people would notice is that the pipe is plastic. The "uprights" are two outdoor spotlights. Plastic last time I knew melts when heated. PVC in particula...
Sometimes when walking around a house something stops me in my tracks because it just doesn't look or feel right. Call it instinct, intuition or an inspector's sixth sense, it really makes no difference. It's a little voice that tells me to pause and look a little longer. This hose spigot spoke t...
We all know a glass half empty kind of person. You know the type; you say it's a beautiful day and they point to one cloud in the sky and say it's going to rain. They complain they have the worst luck and nothing ever goes right for them. You just want run away and leave them and their dark cloud...
Does anyone remember that silly movie; actually there were a bunch of sequels, Chuckie. A puppet, Chuckie, comes to life and he turns out to be a maniacal killer. He can't be killed because he's a puppet. As the movie progresses he becomes increasingly more gruesome and sadistic. Earlier this yea...
Some reductions are not very pleasant like a reduction in pay or benefits, not good. A reduction in your weight, now there's a reason to be happy. Most things are made not to modified or reduced. If they are designed to be altered there are specific guidelines that are to be followed when making ...

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