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There are common parts to every house. Meaning you find these things almost with out exception on or in every home. So it would stand to reason that common items would be made correctly. Being that they are so pervasive you would expect them to be building 101, the easy stuff. Regrettably there a...
I have been a home energy auditor now for three years. When researching on how to diversify my business into this area I discovered the Home Energy Tune-uP program. It appealed to me on many levels most notably it was designed specifically for home inspectors. The premise being home inspectors ar...
We rely on each other to take care of those things which we can not do for our selves. Society is built on everyone having a job, a specialty in order to benefit us all. In other words when our pipes break we call a plumber and when we're sick go to see a doctor. So what happens when those specia...
New Years always involves count downs or some type of numbering of things over the past year. Like the Top 10 News Stories of 2008. Well I thought I get into the numbering game and give my own top 10 list of 2008. This one has to do with inspection defects, big surprise right. What I am focusing ...

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