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It is funny to watch a cat or dog go round in circles chasing their tail. They are just playing and having fun. I bet if children had tails they would do the same. The thing with tail chasing is it is an exercise in futility. The goal can never be accomplished. Even a dog or cat seems to understa...
There just seems to be never a dull moment in the home inspection business, especially lately. I've seen in the last week more creative construction techniques than at a home show. Today was the topper. The inspection never really got going due to obvious (to me) and numerous problems with this h...
When we hire people to do a job in our homes or really any where for that matter, we expect the job to be done right. Unfortunately there are some people or companies that seem they are not interested in providing good service. Or perhaps they may have a less than stellar employee.  Whatever the ...
During the course of every inspection you invariably come across some interesting personal items of the homeowner. I'm not snooping or being nosy, but as an inspector I poke into some out of the way places. One item I discovered recently was an interestingly named bar of soap. I was inspecting th...
My two girls absolutely love stickers. They have them all over their bedroom doors. Not particularly appealing to my wife and I, but the girls seem to think they look great. Oh well, we can change the doors some day. My love of stickers is a little different than my girls. I like to see them on t...
I love technology and gadgets and who doesn't. My job as a Connecticut home inspector allows me to buy cool stuff and use for my job. How great is that! One of my favorite tools and most costly is the infrared camera. This device measures the surface temperature of anything you point it at in rea...
One qualification I make sure to mention to potential energy audit customers is my being a licensed Connecticut home inspector. Energy audits are by definition, at least in Connecticut, home inspections. The difference is what is inspected and for what purpose. The Connecticut Statue defines a ho...
Most everyone who is in real estate knows that solid aluminum electrical wire is a potential fire hazard. When it is found during an inspection it is called out as a problem and recommended to be repaired. On a recent inspection in a very large condominium complex known to be wired with aluminum ...
How many times when you were in school did some ask or the teacher told the class; "Neatness counts on this assignment." Being neat and clean shows you care about what you do. That you take pride in yourself and more importantly the work you perform. It also has the added benefit of making it eas...
Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing or CSST for short is a newer type of gas pipe first used around 1988. It's a flexible pipe covered with a plastic sheathing and is very common to see in newer homes. To make the pipe flexible a continuous ridge was designed into the pipe. Which is how the "corrug...

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