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In my world as I would hope in your world certain words or phrases are not generally open to interpretation. I have found there are times when some individuals may buck convention to insert their own logic into conventional wisdom, but most often all of us will see the same meaning in a word. Tak...
Do you go into a store and read the labels on a product? I read some product labels, but certainly not on everything I buy. Who has time for that! Now when were talking about home inspections I'm a label hound. I look for a label on anything that is going to give me information on something in th...
No this is not about dieting. I myself have been on a see food diet for ever, I see food I eat it. The bulging I found in this case was in a chimney not my waist. The chimney was in an old multi family home. This ancient chimney has been used for about 100 years so a little bulging should not be ...
Once there were three attic vents; the gable vent, the ridge vent and the soffit vent. All three vents worked hard to move air through the attic. Each vent had its very specific place and job to perform. Of the three vents Gable vent was probably the oldest and most experienced. Gable vents are f...
Some people like beards, I'm partially to them myself, and some don't. Getting rid of facial hair is a big industry. There seems to be a new and improved razor out every other month. Multi blade, lubricated, ergonomically designed beard scythes that make your face as smooth as an infants behind. ...
It can be funny to come across a product or component from "back in the day". Seeing something that was state of the art at the time and now it seems so ridiculous in the modern light. Time marches on, knowledge increases and therefore change is as inevitable as the sunrise. Here is an old and si...
Be asked to "go down there" can have either good or bad connotations. It really all depends on who you're with. In the context of a home inspection I can assure you it's never great and pleasurable fun, but an inspectors gotta do what an inspectors gotta do. One place you have to get down with is...
Rules are always it seems open to interpretation. So much so that we have disinterested third parties, for example referees and judges, just to render decisions in an objective manner on subjective topics. There is no question when two parties disagree there will be some bias to each parties logi...
A few weeks ago I wrote about inspecting a home where an addition had been built with a permit, but had not been inspected.  Fast forward to this week and it was Deja Vue all over again. The listing boasted of a total renovation in 2007. That immediately sent up my antennas. It wasn't long before...

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