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A few years ago when energy prices went through the proverbial roof homeowners were searching desperately for ways to save money on home energy. At that time there were not many companies in existence who could help a homeowner find the hidden energy wasters in their homes. I know this because mi...
The weather today here in Connecticut was cold and very windy. The wind was blowing out of the Northwest at over 25 mph with gusts close to 50! The temperature was in the teens putting the wind chill below zero. I had the pleasure this morning of walking a roof in this frigid and strong wind. It ...
I was driving to an inspection not too long ago and almost went off the road when I spied this house. I was driving along a winding wooded country road and all of sudden there it was, a domed house. On my way back from the inspection I stopped and took this picture. It seems the owners are puttin...
Winter here in Connecticut means cold temperatures, wind and energy audits. Due to a very cold December the calls from uncomfortable homeowners have been fairly steady early into this heating season. On a recent trouble shooting call which turned into a full home energy audit a cold room became t...
Unless you have been living under a rock or more aptly a snow bank you would have heard about the monster storm that marauded its way up the East coast over the weekend. We here in Connecticut received greatly varied amounts of the white stuff. I happened to be one of the lucky ones. My town got ...
Every winter here in Connecticut they come with the winter snows wreaking havoc on unsuspecting homes. An insidious phenomenon that can send unsuspecting homeowners into a fit of panic; Ice dams. Ice dams are not created by over sized swimming rodents. No not all. They are formed because of old b...
Winter time. It evokes visions of snow, cold winds and hunkering down beside by a nice warm crackling fire. Most of us also notice the air is dryer. The frigid winter air can not retain as much moisture as the temperate air of summer. We find our lips get chapped and our sinus become dry and unco...
Stairs, does anyone really pay much attention to stairs? Not I suppose unless you happen to be an inspector. Stairs really are quite simple and yet so often are built unsafely. Exterior stairs are in my experience more problematic than indoor stairs, especially on decks. Decks are often the prefe...
Aaah the life of a home inspector, it's never dull and often very interesting. The creativity, the innovativeness of people never will cease to fill me with wonder. Like the other day I came around the corner of the house I was inspecting and wondered; What in the world is that! The blue tarp rat...
Some recent discussion on new verses old windows motivated me to post these infrared images. The dark blue spot at the bottom of all three windows is cold air flowing by the window seals. The first two windows, one a casement and one a double hung, are newer thermal pane windows. They are from th...

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