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They don't make ‘em like they used to; this phrase is usually an insult uttered by grandpa aimed at some new fangled contraption those darn kids are using. It is often said by many of us at certain times as well. It seems change is one constant that we humans fight tooth and nail. People on the a...
There are certain natural laws that exist on Earth and every where in the universe. One of these is gravity. Now physicists tell us that gravity is a weak force compared to the other known natural powers that exist such as magnetism, but in my world I would beg to differ. When any home inspector ...
When I told my two girls the Wallingford fireworks display this year was to be canceled, their reaction was less than enthusiastic. They both let out a big aaaaaaaah, that's not fair! And it doesn't seem fair to me either. We are fortunate to live within walking distance to a prime viewing spot ...
While in the course of inspecting a home I will expect to see certain things in certain places. For example the water meter is going to be all most always in the basement. When something is missing or out of place I get a little nagging feeling that lies quietly in the back of my mind. As the ins...
Being a home inspector I often see some weird stuff. Sometimes creatively weird that leaves me scratching my head until it hurts.  And every once in a while something that strikes me as just plain cool.   I have come upon the strange and the cool on a few home inspections recently and thought I w...
Maintenance is a major part to owning a home. There is always something that needs to be fixed or kept up. Some of these chores seem to fall through the cracks. Forgotten about, not understood or simply the owner is unaware of the need to perform the maintenance. In my experience one of the most ...

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