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Glass has to be one of mans greatest inventions. It has so many great attributes, but at the same time has many weaknesses. By far and away the largest and most notably use for glass is windows. Can you imagine what homes and building must have been like before window glass? The biggest weakness ...
Mold and more importantly testing for and the remediation of mold have become pervasive in my state of Connecticut. At least once a week I receive a call from someone inquiring about mold testing. I believe the reason for these mold related calls is because my web site has a mold information page...
A Lurid Tale of Cutting and Hacking, sounds like the description of a low budget horror movie or just another day in the life of a Connecticut home inspector. Power tools have sure made construction easier and more efficient...if used correctly. Because they can be almost effortless to use, simpl...
How often is the answer we seek right in front of us? We are looking so hard we can not see the obvious. Finding this little fern growing out of the foundation of this house was to me an obvious sign that the gutter drain was clogged. The flora is saying to me; this spot is nice and wet. We love ...
As I have spoke about before everything in a home has a general life expectancy. With some things that expected duration carries some weight. The roof is a great example. This would include small roofs over say a porch like this one. The house is 9 years old. The little roof should therefore be n...
  James Quarello2010 SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC To find out more about our other high tech services click on the links below: Learn more about our Infrared Thermal Imaging & Diagnostics services. Learn more about our home energy audits, the Home Energy Tune...

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