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How many times did your mom or dad tell to "not judge a book by its cover"? Which as we know means don't jump to conclusions. In my job as a Connecticut home inspector, jumping to conclusions can make me look a bit foolish, but my clients can to leap to their hearts content. On a recent inspectio...
What most of us know in the real estate industry is that homes have under gone many changes over the past few hundred years. The impetus for the various changes I believe can be due to one or both of the following reasons; 1.      A better way and or materials has been found to do the job and or ...
The other day I was inspecting the outside of a large two family house looking at the main electrical wire. I zoomed in with my camera took the shot and looked at the photo I had just taken. The reason I was immediately curious was the wires looked bare in some spots. The wires in the picture did...
It seems to me that our society has the thought that if a little is good more is better. You know how it goes; why have a regular size meal when you can super size it. Or a small affordable house when you can streeeech your budget and get the mini mansion. While inspecting a garage the other day ...
  James Quarello2010 SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC To find out more about our other high tech services click on the links below: Learn more about our Infrared Thermal Imaging & Diagnostics services. Learn more about our home energy audits, the Home Energy Tune...
In my last blog I wrote about the problems I find with the common wall outlet.  Now I would like to discuss the wall switch or more specifically the dimmer switch.  Before I begin take a moment to read Reuben Saltzman's post on the dangers of dimmer switches with ceiling fans. The first thing any...
I'm constantly hearing, reading about stepping outside the box. As most everyone knows this is to mean being creative. In my job as a Connecticut home inspector I am continually finding outside the box thinking in home construction and repair. It is just astounding how many creative thinkers ther...
Yesterday I wrote about plastic dryer vents. So many building materials now are made from plastics and why not? Plastic has many desirable qualities. For example it's resistant to water and decay. Yet the word plastic often conjures up the idea of low quality, cheap. Sometimes that is exactly the...
A case of mistaken perception, it happens form time to time. We see something that looks familiar and assume it is what are mind has told us it is. There are times when we never realize we have made a mistaken and go blissfully about our lives unaware of our error. Case in point. How many times h...
I have found in my business of inspecting homes that the more people complain or continue to complain  the more likely they are to be perceived as some what eccentric. The person or persons who are the recipients of these complaints usually begin to feel this way after, without exaggeration, year...

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