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Coming up short, close, but no cigar, meaning an effort has fallen a bit short. Recently I discovered some work in a renovated home that made think a few people's efforts were shy of the mark. Without question hand and guard rails have to be one item I continually find with problems. Older homes ...
Yesterday I wrote of wants and needs. In my experience people often seem to put their wants before their needs when it comes to their homes. Ignoring problems with the important and necessary parts of their home and instead opting to spend on cosmetic features. What if there was a way for homeown...
Everyone likes a good game of cards. I enjoy a good game of Go Fish or War with my two girls now and again.  War is a simple game where the highest card wins or trumps the other, lower cards. I find that when looking at houses certain features trump others in the grand scheme of building new or r...
We all forget things, it is part of being human. We get older, life gets more complicated, and so the memory banks occasionally lose stuff in the shuffle. As a home inspector there are many things that I need to check through out a house. I jog my memory by carrying a computer and entering inform...
As a home inspector I definitely get to see the new cool gadgets for the home. You see all manner of kitchen gadgets advertised every where you look, on TV, at fairs and home shows to name a few. One thing I notice about gadgets, some appear to be quite practical and others seem kind of silly. An...
  James Quarello2010 SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC To find out more about our other high tech services click on the links below: Learn more about our Infrared Thermal Imaging & Diagnostics services. Learn more about our home energy audits, the Home Energy Tune...
I have two young girls who like to play games. My youngest especially likes picture puzzles where you have to find something hidden, missing or out of place. When I was looking at these two pictures from the basement of a home I inspected it reminded me of the picture puzzles. I showed my client ...
Fasteners, there are a plethora types. Some are made specifically for unique applications, but most are general use such as nails and screws. Yet even nails and screws have specific uses and in some instances can not be interchanged. Yesterday I had shown a set of stairs that a homeowner had most...
Don't you love the big box stores? They sell everything the homeowner or contractor needs. What they don't sell or apparently provide is know how. (I think there is a claim they do, but you can't prove it to me) The installation on this set of stairs is actually kind of comical. I would venture a...
I from time to time will run into work done by someone who is clearly not a professional tradesman. I usually refer to this person as Uncle Bob. One of the favorite projects I find done by Uncle Bob is wiring. Yes, that right wiring, as in electricity. I find plumbing too, but that's another stor...

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