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Attics are one of those places in a house where things get put and forgotten. Because of that walking (or crawling) through an attic one can happen upon the strange and unusual. I found something unusual in the attic on my last inspection, snow. We had a big snow storm here in Connecticut Sunday ...
  James Quarello2010 - 2011 SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC To find out more about our other high tech services click on the links below: Learn more about our Infrared Thermal Imaging & Diagnostics services. Learn more about our home energy audits, the Home Ener...
A roof over your head, that's one of those old sayings that rings oh so true. The roof is the top of the house. It keeps the rain out, the mid day sun and bay and the leaves out of the attic. In other words it's real important. For that reason the roof has to be one of the top home buyer concerns...
One problem I find again and again is to do with bathroom ventilation. The most common problem is the fan vents into the attic, not to the exterior. Believe it or not the building codes say a window or a fan is acceptable ventilation. In my opinion a window is not good ventilation and is no subst...
Infrared cameras are a great tool that can reveal what the naked eye can not see. There are many uses for these devices, but I have to think most everyone is familiar with IR for spotting energy loss. As an extension of that use which I have fairly often been asked to check is an insulation job. ...
There have been of late more than a few posts on mold here in the Rain. Many of the home inspectors who are regular contributors have written practical posts on mold and indoor air quality. Not surprisingly there have been opposing views from a few inspectors (who conduct mold sampling) and mold ...
There are many companies and service providers that derive their business directly from our homes. Contractors who build decks, additions or perform repairs, heating and cooling professionals, insulation installers, roofers, electricians, the list seems endless. Most of these businesses would or ...
Who doesn't remember playing with blocks as a kid? After your apprenticeship as a block builder you graduated to the advanced block set, Legos. With a set of Legos you could really get wild and creative. Tradesmen are not really all that different when starting out. They have to begin on the "sta...
A few weeks back I wrote about attic condensation which typically occurs in the winter here in Connecticut. Another home inspector here in the Rain, Reuben Saltzman, wrote about basically the same phenomenon in his part of the country, Minnesota. One important difference between our two locations...
Scientists tell us that gravity is one of the weakest forces in nature, yet is keeps us and everything firmly glued to planet earth. Because of gravity we know that if you knock over your glass the milk will run over the table seeking the lowest point. This is usually through that crack where the...

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