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Back in the fall of 1968 when I began my illustrious or should I say infamous mandatory 13 year academic stint with kindergarten, my goals were simple, make it back home in about three hours, have lunch and play. The word career was not in my limited 5 year old vocabulary. I believe the word goal...
When a home is inspected the inspector will use words like functional or serviceable to describe the various components of the house. These words mean that the particular item is working at that moment performing its expected or intended purpose. When contractors or tradesmen install systems or c...
Age is such a deciding factor for so many things in life. You can’t drive until you’re 16, vote until you’re 18 and drink all the way until 21. You can’t become President until you’re 33, which is a little strange since you can vote for the president when you are much younger. Eventually you reti...
As I sit here listening to the powerful, pulsing wind and driving rain of Irene, I can't help but wonder at the power of these elements. Combine they shape the planet both in fury and serenity. I recall a gentle brook, cascading over time worn stone, smoothed by the waters silky flow, gurgling ou...
Cute, not a word I use very often. If I do it is usually with more than a touch of sarcasm. So when I say isn’t that home made “extension cord” cute, I definitely do not mean I thinks it’s adorable. In fact I think it’s pretty dumb and lazy. This cute little extension cord was in the back yard of...
Sometimes when a person experiences a stretch of extremely bad luck or it seems perhaps that is the way of their life, the prevailing thought may be they were born to fail. It is a harsh and cruel assessment of any individual for sure because no one wants to fail. Children do not grow up aspiring...
Arguably one of the best ways to cook is on a gas cook top. There really is no better control than with a gas flame, electric stove tops just can’t compete. The one thing about gas as opposed to electricity is it can leak and go bang. This is why it scares some folks and they prefer other ways to...
Traipsing through the summer forest, one is bound to happen upon life forms that appear both grotesquely odd and wonderfully intriguing. Nature has a unique way of creating life that appears foreign, alien to us in our manufactured world of plumb lines and right angles. Rarely are straight lines ...
Letterboxing, my first thought when I heard the word was, what’s that? Does it have something to do with the mail? No, not at all. Letterboxing might best be described as a treasure hunt. It is a fun activity to do with your children and family. It basically involves finding a hidden, waterproof ...
The beginning of a new week, or is it the end, it's all so confusing, is a time to chill. Get out and breathe in some fresh air and don't strain your brain muscle, there's plenty of time for that later in the week. After all it is Sunday a day to rest. So find a nice quiet spot, kick back and ref...

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