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If you have or have had children, you know they for some reason love Band Aids. Kids especially love the cool band aids like Spidey or Dora. I can remember wanting to put a band aid on the smallest scratch. I would, like my kids now, ask in that, trying-to-sound-really-sincere, pathetic voice, Mo...
We become very accustom to living a certain way in our homes. Our routine is built around our expectations, knowing that things operate a certain way. We expect when we walk into the kitchen to make our morning coffee and flip a wall switch, the light will come on. Standing at the shower, when we...
In the course of many a home inspection I find something that makes me scratch my head in wonder. Now when I find a Handy Homeowner fix or a weird install by a contractor, it’s not hard to understand that somehow the synapses in this person’s brain matter connected in such a way as to view their ...
We have all probably been caught at one time or another with a proverbial smoking gun at our feet. But as a home inspector once in a while I find a house with a smoking gun lying at it’s…um, foundation(?). In the case the other day, the “gun” was found in the attic. The subject was an older home ...
Still, damp, dark Waiting Stirring, moving,struggling Emergence   James QuarelloConnecticut Home Inspector2010 - 2011 SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC To find out more about our other high tech services we offer in Connecticut click on the links below: Learn more ...
Unlike Superman we mere mortals do not have x-ray vision. No one can we leap buildings in a single bound, we have to take the stairs. Since us humans are not endowed with any super powers, we have figured out ways to “cheat” if you will. As the saying goes necessity is the mother of all invention...
Permits, Diagrams and Coffee Cans, what do they all have in common you ask? Well this is a funny little tale that started not long ago with a home inspection. At the start of this home inspection, discussing the features and concerns of the home, part of the conversation concerned the finished ba...
We see things in the course of our day that we automatically assume are okay because they are the way we are used to seeing them. In the business of real estate propane tanks on the outside of houses are as commons as homes on the market (we all know how common those are). Where are these tanks ...
In the course of performing home inspections, one happens across shall I say, some interesting methods of accomplishing a result. Often not the best approach, but it can be said to get the job done. What I often guardedly admire is the creativity of the person. They often have a sense of what is ...
November is fast approaching and that brings the question; which way do you lean, left or right? While it is quite unlikely this old shed and the rake are engaged in a debate, it sure looks like you can tell which way they tend to lean. Of course I could be entirely mistaken, the rake may simply ...

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