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    James QuarelloConnecticut Home Inspector2010 - 2011 SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC To find out more about our other high tech services we offer in Connecticut click on the links below: Learn more about our Infrared Thermal Imaging & Diagnostics services. Lea...
Okay I’m willing to admit that granite counter tops are way sexier than insulation or a high efficiency heating system. Almost no one shows off their new insulation or heating system. In fact I read a quote recently by a builder who said that people would rather spend money for a better kitchen t...
If you find yourself up the creek or in this case on the lake without a paddle, no need to fret. A piece of drift wood will do the job in a pinch. Whenever you break a paddle on the river of life, no reason to panic, look around you, what you need may be close at hand.      James QuarelloConnecti...
Whenever shopping for any item, we tend to compare like items, especially when making a large purchase. With certain things it’s an easy comparison, just like the saying, apples to apples. It’s easy to spot bad fruit or we already know what we like and skip all the other apples all together. Simp...
The calender says today is the day for giving thanks. A day to stop, think and reflect on all that we are grateful for. In these tough times I believe our attention becomes focused to the things that are truly important in life. Perhaps we really don’t need the latest iphone or a 72 inch TV. Afte...
One service I provide in Connecticut is energy audits. I feel two parts of my particular service are rare, not unique, rare. One is my report which uses energy modeling software to provide estimates for paybacks on improvements. The other is infrared thermal imaging. Many of my clients are initi...
As we approach the holiday season, the words “no returns” can cause the holiday shopper more than a bit of trepidation. At this time of year, the gift receipt has almost as much significance as the gift itself. To buy or not to buy, becomes the question. No returns when it comes to HVAC systems i...
One reason I think home inspections are a unique service is that the consumer hires the inspector to look at the property. Municipal building inspectors on the other hand do “free” inspections and only on new construction. The scope of the work they do is very narrow and specific by comparison to...
In certain situations one may be told they have gone too far or have fallen off the edge. The person has pushed the limits of acceptable behavior to the tipping point. While this scenario does not actually involve the physical, being an almost exclusively verbal act, one can imagine an individual...
When you stop and think about it the word flop does not have a positive connotation. A bad movie is said to be a flop or a product that has not lived up to its advertised expectations (do they really ever?). I also think flop is the opposite of flip. So can a flip be a flop? But I digress. The o...

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