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Home inspectors often discuss the dangers of clothes dryers with clients. The focus is mainly on the dryer vent and lint. It's fairly simple to understand why it presents a potential danger. It is also easy to see the colorful and fragrant fuzz. Yet there is a danger that is not so easily seen, u...
What I find astounding is when inspecting a house I find a component that by all rights should not be functioning. For instances an ancient heating system that that looks like a cauldron from hell, but fires right up the moment the thermostat is turned. Often things that look bad, usually operate...
When strolling down the plumbing aisle at the local home improvement store, particularly the pipe section, can one not help remembering erector sets and tinker toys. The plethora of various shaped and sized pipes can be configured in a multitude methods. The mind reels at the possibilities. Then ...
There is nothing like crawling under a big fluffy blanket on a frigid night. Snuggling yourself down into a wooly cover, creating your personal womb of warmth. It’s so nice and toasty you never want to leave. Houses are also wrapped in blankets to keep them warm or in the summer cool. I’m speakin...
One place I have never visited, but would like to is the Grand Canyon. The patterns and colors in the rock are beautiful. Water while being so soft, is at the same time so powerful. With time on its side, water can slowly and surely do one of the things it does very well, reshape the landscape. W...
One of my favorite movies when I was a kid was The Great Escape with Steve McQueen. It would run for two nights on TV because it was such a long movie. The movie was set in an “escape proof” World War II German POW camp. Captain Hilts played by Steve McQueen is an independent character, who tries...
Home inspectors by definition are generalists, not experts. You even might call us expert generalist. Or perhaps not. The thing with being a generalist is that one must know a little about a lot of things. It is almost a full time job in itself keeping up with all the bits and pieces of knowledg...
Let’s face it closets are made for clothes, so the only thing going into or coming out of a closet should be that, clothes. Now as a home inspector in Connecticut I know that people put all kinds of other stuff in their closets. I am not snooping, well yes I am, but I’m not being nosey. It’s my j...
    James QuarelloConnecticut Home InspectorFormer SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC To find out more about our other high tech services we offer in Connecticut click on the links below: Learn more about our Infrared Thermal Imaging & Diagnostics services. Learn mo...
Air support is something you hear a soldier screaming for into a field phone in a war movie as his troop is pummeled by the enemy. Things look bleak until the flyboys come whistling in to save the pinned down grunts, strafing and dropping bombs all over the bad guys. It’s always a dramatic scene....

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