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Geologist, archeologists and certainly a few other ologists I'm forgetting, look at layers of rock, soil, or what ever in order to determine the stuff that their ology is compelled to determine. Sometimes I feel like a houseologist. No I don't wear one of those head lamps, but I can see where the...
Everyone enjoys pretzels. They go so well with certain adult beverages, mustard or just by themselves. The most common form of pretzel is the familiar twist. There are also braids and pretzel sticks. No matter the form, they taste delicious. Pretzel has also become a word associated with somethin...
As the calendar flips towards the months of summer, the temperature and humidity rise and people seek relief from the heat. For some this means searching around in the basement or attic for the place where they stored the fans and A/C units last year. For those who have for whatever reason decide...
Yes its true, there are many all electric houses. No gas or oil to provide heat or hot water, which in Connecticut can be a very pricy way to run your home. For those who aren't aware Connecticut has some of the highest electric rates in the country. As a home inspector in Connecticut inspecting ...
The real estate market the last few years has been, at least in my area, inundated with houses that have been bought at a low priced , fixed up and then put back on the market. The buyer now seller's purpose being to make a profit on the property. These investors are most often referred to as fli...
Depending on what you're screwing, I can go down several roads here, but will take the high one, using the correct screw for the job is vital. There is no question the favorite fastener in house construction is the drywall and the most misused. Now there are many screws that look like drywall scr...
On this mothers day, we celebrate arguably the strongest bond in nature, the mother child bond. No atomic attraction, no chemical bond, not even gravitational pull can be said to be as powerful. A mother's dedication is so inherent, she will sacrifice her own well being to protect her children. S...
First my apologies to Charles Dickens for a not well altered title of his classic book, but a good title as well as a good tome is timeless. Chimneys, specifically brick chimneys are very common on Connecticut houses, as I would imagine they are around this country. Inspecting a chimney requires ...

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