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Summertime, And the livin' is easy The fish are jumpin' And the bees are buzzin' My apologies to George Gershwin for amending his classic tune. With the temperatures in the 90s lately, the heat slows most creatures down, that is unless you're an insect. As the sun pushes it's way high in the sky ...
The basics, the fundamentals could be said to be the building blocks for any project or activity. How many times has a coach said remember the basics? Going back to basics implies reverting to the fundamentals of the task. Houses are built using basic construction principals that have been know i...
I have heard it said that inspecting a condominium is an easy job. I don't know who said it, but I don't think they were inspecting condo's in Connecticut. The majority of condo's here seem to be built in the 80's. There are some from the 1970's all the way up to now, but the 80's seems to be the...
In the present state of the real estate market, multiple inspections occurring on the same house has become common. For one reason or another, and I take those reasons with a grain of salt, a house doesn't make it to the closing table with a previous buyer(s). In this month alone I have inspected...
One topic in school science was electricity. My two girls have both had this subject in elementary school over the last few years. Both have come home with various projects involving batteries, wires and the construction of a basic circuit. Dad was like a kid in a hardware store. What is taught t...
I have been following a discussion on an online forum where the topic has come around to "conflict of interest". It is a term well worn in the real estate industry. It certainly is not exclusively a real estate term, I hear it used in many instances outside of real estate. I however think the te...
Openings in a house are very important. The first and most important of which is the door, otherwise no one can get into or out of the house. Following closely behind doors on the list would be the windows. After that I think you would have to stop and think of other important openings that shoul...
When arriving at the end or conclusion, you are said to have made it to the end of the line. Another meaning might be when telling a joke, getting to the punch line could be getting to the end of the line. The other day during an inspection I had to do a bit of tracing to arrive at the end of the...
When one thinks of mistreatment I would imagine the thoughts are not warm and fuzzy. In my line of work I see mistreatment on an almost daily basis. Not done to people or animals, I could not take seeing that, but what homeowners sometimes do to their homes. The mistreatment can be done out of ig...

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