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Responsibility, it is a word I have begun to feel has lost the original meaning, its intent. Accountability I believe is the fiber of being responsible. In other words accepting the burden for ones actions, thoughts and or ideas. Instead it seems society has shifted the meaning of responsibility ...
It is interesting when inspecting a house to find that the small and sometimes not so small creatures also see the abode as a nice place to live. Most often these critters are not welcome guests, yet have been unknowingly invited. The form of invitation can vary from more or less unintentional to...
As a home inspector here in Connecticut, one thing I have seen a lot of are toilets. Yep, no avoiding it, they are in every house. Most houses have more than one bathroom, so they also have more than one toilet. Sometimes there is even a toilet without a bathroom. Unusual, but not all that rare. ...
For centuries stone and brick were one of the main building materials for houses. Generally speaking brick and stone are water proof, the joints and mortar however are not. Houses clad in brick or partially clad are quite common in Connecticut. I know of entire neighborhoods of brick clad houses....
For anyone who has played sports, out of bounds has clear meaning. In our everyday lives it can be less defined. However in our chosen profession it's again often pretty clear where the limits lie. The limits of a home inspector's professional responsibility are continually being examined and que...
Houses and relationships both start basically the same way, with a good foundation. The one other factor that only applies to the house is location. With houses or more accurately in real estate it is all about the location. Anything near the water is usually quite desirable, near a freeway not s...
As whimsical as cavorting exposed through a rain shower may sound, you may catch a cold or be arrested. It just sounds silly or childish to most of us. So I have to ask myself why would a builder let a house sit almost naked, exposed to the elements. During a recent home inspection I discovered a...
Unusual choices, I find them quite frequently while inspecting houses. Sure there is no accounting for some ones personal taste, they may find the bright green walls in the dining room appealing. On the other hand when it comes to the choices made for repairs and construction, personal taste shou...
I bet for many not having squash would be a delight. I for one always enjoy a nice helping of most any variety of the tasty gourd. The word squash also has non gastronomic meanings. For example the racket game. Not sure how they came up with the that one. I think the most common connotation would...
It is said the devil is in the details. I couldn't agree more. Quality work is found in the little things, the details the person has taken time to add or complete. The details in the house's construction are what I look at when inspecting. There are times when I have just stop to admire someone...

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