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Every job or task has many subtleties. When you watch someone who is good at doing a particular thing, a great musician for example, they appear to play their instrument with ease. Nothing could be further from the truth, great talent also requires a great amount of work. Through repetition a tas...
We've all had them, done them, bad jobs. You might even find a song or three about crumby jobs. It's said they build character, one must "pay their dues" to get ahead. That may be true. Yet no matter how you phrase it, no matter how play it, it just sucks! Take for example this furnace install. B...
I know, I know, not everyone loves science class. Or math class. Or social studies. Or school. I for one did look forward to science class. Ironically my least favorite class was English. Hated all that writing and sentence structure stuff. I always found electricity fascinating and have found I ...
No one likes going to the doctor. I bet doctor's don't even like seeing each other as patients. People like it even less when a surgery is a consequence of a visit to old Mr. Saw Bones. However there are some instances where the surgery is elective. Elective. An absurdity meaning; I want to be st...
That three word recitation might just be the home inspector's mantra. It can be said to be the real estate industry's as well. In this paperless, high tech world, the sheer ease of recording minutiae, and the seemingly unending demand for it, would appear to be burying us all in an unnavigable se...
As the cold weather wanes with the lengthening days of spring, so does the need for heat. The click of the thermostat, the rumble of the boiler are sounds now being heard less frequently. Soon they will cease until the inevitable cool winds of autumn once more begin to gust. The harbinger of anot...

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