connecticut home inspections: Avoiding the Back Draft - 01/13/14 08:40 PM
During the Viet Nam War, draft dodging was a hot topic among the countries youth. Avoiding conscription was encouraged in some circles, with those that refused to serve looked upon as counter culture heroes. Certainly a divisive and emotional time in American history.
Being a home inspector, the word draft has a completely different yet important connotation.
A nice hot shower or a long soak in a warm tub, which ever your preference, would not be possible without a water heater. The water heater design has been basically the same for decades. A large tank for holding the water and a … (11 comments)

connecticut home inspections: The Sign Said... - 12/17/12 08:24 PM
Signs, they are everywhere you look. Street signs, real estate signs, and store signs, just to name a few. When we read a sign, we trust the information is accurate, true, guiding us in the right direction. Many businesses use signs to advertise their work. In particular contracting companies. For instance, while a paving company is putting in a new driveway, they will have their company sign on the front lawn. Same with a roofing and siding company or a lawn service.
Driving up to a house I was to inspect, I saw a contractors sign in the corner of the … (14 comments)

connecticut home inspections: Fido Doesn't Know He's Small - 10/12/12 10:29 PM
Have you every watched dogs establish who's the alpha. The contest has less to do with size and strength, than attitude. The tiny ankle biter has little clue the Rottweiler can gulp him down like a milk bone. The big dog is the one who makes the other blink first.
While attitude may work well for establishing who's the boss, it doesn't work well for construction. Knowledge and skill are two important qualities that get the job done right and safely.
And more than a bit of good sense.
When building a structure like say a deck, one should know the … (8 comments)

connecticut home inspections: There's Nothing Like a Gentle Breeze Through The Living Room - 01/19/10 07:10 AM
No matter what the window manufactures may say the fact is a window is a hole in the wall bleeding out conditioned air. Undoubtedly this is part of the reason why windows are rated in U factor instead of the more recognized R value. The U factor is the inverse of the R value. An Energy Star rated window must have a U factor of .35 or less. With U values the lower the number the lower heat loss. So that Energy Star window has an R value of 2.86, not very impressive.
None the less a thermal double pane Energy … (9 comments)

connecticut home inspections: Permit Me to Inspect - 11/11/09 11:50 PM
A few weeks ago I wrote about inspecting a home where an addition had been built with a permit, but had not been inspected.  Fast forward to this week and it was Deja Vue all over again.
The listing boasted of a total renovation in 2007. That immediately sent up my antennas. It wasn't long before I found something that told me this renovation project had probably not been inspected.
This side porch as any one can see is narrow. Not to mention the non existent handrail.
As an aside a handrail is not a 5/4 board or 2 x 4 … (10 comments)

connecticut home inspections: CSST is Not a Fast Plane - 10/06/09 02:56 AM
Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing or CSST for short is a newer type of gas pipe first used around 1988. It's a flexible pipe covered with a plastic sheathing and is very common to see in newer homes. To make the pipe flexible a continuous ridge was designed into the pipe. Which is how the "corrugated" made it's way into the name.
CSST is a great advancement in gas piping. Because it is flexible and available on large spools long continuous pipe runs are possible without the need for connections. Fewer connections mean less potential for leaks.
However a problem with the … (21 comments)

connecticut home inspections: Close But No Cigar - 10/01/09 05:51 AM
One of the most common problems I find as a home inspector is bathroom vents not exhausting to the exterior. More often than not they simply expel right into the attic.
Sometimes a half hearted attempt is made to pipe the exhaust vent to the exterior through the soffit. This method is generally not allowed. Air is drawn into the soffit as a means of attic ventilation. As a consequence the air from the bath vent is then sucked back into the attic.
On a recent inspection I found this bathroom vent with a finished louvered end placed in the soffit … (9 comments)

connecticut home inspections: Connecticut Home Inspections-JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC - 07/16/07 06:31 AM
About Us:
JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC is a full service, licensed, ASHI certified, professional home inspection company based in Wallingford , Connecticut CT. Our inspectors perform home inspections in Fairfield, Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven, and Southern Litchfield CT Counties. All home inspections and reports provided by JRV Home Inspection Services meet the Connecticut Home Inspection Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics as mandated per Connecticut State Regulation as overseen through the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.   
JRV Home Inspection Services does not claim to adhere to any higher standards put forth by almost every home inspector organization in existence today. Nor do we assert to follow a long list of other standards as so many … (0 comments)

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