flip houses: Fit to Be Tied - 09/04/15 09:53 PM

Getting tied up has its advantages
We have all been there, done that, seen it, got the T shirt. A meltdown, conniption, temper tantrum. Frustration boils over and you or your child or your parent, becomes an uncontrolled, spewing Mount Vesuvius of rage. When one reaches this point, it is said they are fit to be tied.
While I can't say I reach that point during a home inspection, I can become annoyed with what I find. Particularly when the issues begin to mount and it becomes fairly clear someone or multiple persons have dropped the proverbial ball. I find these circumstances … (4 comments)

flip houses: Chomp, Chomp, Squish, Squish - 02/22/11 12:48 AM
Termites, you have to admire these little guys. They have survived for millions and millions of years through several of earth's evolutionary disasters. Termites were eating wood when T-Rex roamed our planet, but unlike the star of Jurassic Park termites are still around and very plentiful today.  
As much as one may have an admirable respect for these tiny insects, they are a pest which destroys our homes. The average cost to repair damage caused by termites in a home is $3000. The treatment cost to rid these voracious pests can start at $700 for a small house.  
The termite … (12 comments)

flip houses: She's Pretty As a Picture...Just Don't look Under The Hood - 02/17/11 11:38 PM
Buying a car can be a lot like buying a home. When a car is to be sold, it is prepared for showing. The interior is detailed, the body is waxed and the tires and rims cleaned and shined. What often doesn't get done is any mechanical work. So what you have is a good looking ride that may not go anywhere. Homes are sometimes sold in the same way, especially homes that have been bought to be sold.
Not long a go I was asked to do a home inspection on a home here in Connecticut that was described as "gorgeous" by … (64 comments)

flip houses: Tales From The Flip; Have You Seen The Plumber Or What's Wrong Here? - 09/24/10 02:31 AM
The flip house, usually pretty on the inside, bad where it most matters. It's no secret what a house flippers goals are; buy a low priced "distressed" (POS) property, pretty it up for as little money as possible and then sell it for the most money possible. A simple plan, but in actuality it's often a recipe for construction disaster.
The whole process of the flip is, as with most business ventures, bottom line driven. Costs must be kept on budget and over runs to a minimum. A small construction budget or unexpected expenses will often result in creative solutions for … (12 comments)

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