home inspection in connecticut ct: Screen Doors and Submarines - 11/30/12 09:25 PM
Utilitarian, a fancy and I might add a little hard to pronounce word that means useful, practical, handy. The opposite of which is useless, worthless and unhandy. Is unhandy a word? Any how, in my eventful explorations of houses, I find all manner of attempts at reinventing the wheel. Some people put forth great effort merely to accomplish failure. Leaving behind monuments to their creativity and misguided endeavor.
So it was recently while traversing a roof top. A high roof with a low pitch. If I'm going to be that high, I'd rather be on a gentle slope. Not to pick … (23 comments)

home inspection in connecticut ct: Yuck! - 12/30/11 12:04 AM
An interesting aspect of being in a real estate related business is seeing how people live in their homes. Some homeowners I find simply do that, live in them. I often find it intriguing how a homeowner may come up with a clever solution to a problem. On the flip side disregard issues that may be best described as disgusting in addition to being health and safety concerns.

On a recent home inspection I noticed a sump pump in the garage while walking around inspecting the outside of the house. I paid little attention at the time as my focus … (18 comments)

home inspection in connecticut ct: Band Aids Are For Cuts - 09/15/11 01:50 AM
When I was a kid a cut from the tiniest scratch to the biggest gash was an excuse to get a band aid from my mother. My two girls are no different, they put band aids on their mosquito bites. The purpose of a band aid is to cover a fair sized wound to help it heal. It’s not permanent nor a cure. Band aids are not just for scraps and scratches, I find people use them on their homes all the time. These are not the familiar Johnson & Johnson type. House band aids are more on the line of … (9 comments)

home inspection in connecticut ct: Distressed Air - 09/06/11 01:51 AM
I would have to say that air conditioning is not a huge priority in Connecticut homes. Yes home buyers like central A/C, but in reality it's used perhaps three to four months of the year. For me as a home inspector this means I am only able to run and check the equipment not much beyond those months of use. With summer and accordingly the summer temperatures beginning to fade, A/C systems are operating less and soon many home owners will be looking to change over to the heating season.
For now the equipment is open and running or can be … (10 comments)

home inspection in connecticut ct: Functional? - 08/30/11 12:57 AM
When a home is inspected the inspector will use words like functional or serviceable to describe the various components of the house. These words mean that the particular item is working at that moment performing its expected or intended purpose. When contractors or tradesmen install systems or components, would it not seem logical that their end goal is for the item to be functional? Especially in a system. A system is a collection of components that together make up a larger component like a heating system.
Heating systems have many independent components that together make the house warm and comfortable. Like … (12 comments)

home inspection in connecticut ct: Good Intentions Gone Bad - 07/08/11 12:19 AM
Have you ever done something as a favor or out of the goodness of your heart and had it turn around and latch firmly onto your backside? You know the old saying, no good deed goes unpunished. In my little world of home inspection, I believe there are often well intentioned people who in a misguided attempt to help out the homeowner, screw things up worse that they were originally.
Anyone who has for any time read any of the home inspector blogs here on Active Rain knows, there are certain favorite fixes of both the well intentioned Uncle Bob and … (12 comments)

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