home inspectors connecticut ct: Lucky!? - 12/15/11 12:03 AM
As the days fall away nearing the first day of winter, snow is on my mind. Here in Connecticut the state was hit by a freak fall snow storm at the end of October that wreaked havoc across the entire state. Last January brought a blizzard with record snow fall with additional storms that piled the powder to monumental depths. Under this wicked wintry burden, many roofs and parts of buildings collapsed. For many months after damage was found, assessed and repaired.
Damage is still being discovered, but now it has become imperative to have repairs done. The cold skies of … (35 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: More Disturbing Patterns - 03/15/11 01:42 AM
Yesterday I posted about a roof I had inspected here in Connecticut that had been assaulted by a fool with a power washer. What I did not discuss was the additional damage done by another contractor over this past winter.
Connecticut experienced a record setting snowfall over the course of the 2010 - 2011 winter. January was the snowiest on record. Roof collapses were occurring with alarming regularity. As a result roof clearing became an in demand business as frighten folks sought relief from snow anxiety. As what usually happens when a huge and unexpected demand for a service arises, the … (11 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: Radon Retesting, Does It Make Sense? - 03/03/11 01:06 AM
I would say about once a month I get a call from someone who is looking to retest their home for radon. Now this is not a bad idea, especially if improvements have been made to the home. However most of the calls I receive are from home sellers. As part of the buyer's inspection a radon test was done on the seller's home with the test results coming back over the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/L. The seller feels there is a problem with the test usually for one of the following reasons;
When they bought the house the … (13 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: More Tales of DI Why - 02/28/11 12:48 AM
As any homeowner knows, doing repairs around the house is a constant chore. Something always needs fixing or maintaining. When it comes to most repairs or upgrades the best way to save money is to do it yourself. And there are people falling over each other to offer help. Not literally standing outside your door, but from the TV, internet and most big box stores. They make it seem so easy. Just buy the stuff you need, and go at it.
Often it's not any where as easy as it looks and some DIYer's skills may be some what lacking.
On … (11 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: Go To Your Room And Stay There! - 02/08/11 12:32 AM
Children, I love mine very much, but there are those times.... Getting sent to my room was rare for me (you believe that I have a bridge for sale). Now other kids I heard went there often as punishment for things like putting worms in their sisters hair. The family who puts their children in the bedroom shown here are very strict indeed...and monumentally foolish among other things.
The big problem with this bedroom is that little window high up on the wall. Let's imagine this scenario;
The kids are sent off to bed at 8 like usual. At 3 in … (68 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: Everybody Loves A Hot Shower, But This Is Ridiculous - 02/07/11 12:53 AM
If there is one thing I love on cold winter morning is a nice hot shower. I like the water to be just below scalding so my skin tingles. Takes the chill right out my bones. Now some people may think that's a bit extreme. Others may think I need to ramp it up a notch.
I happened across some folks who may think I'm a sissy for wanting just a hot shower. The people who live in this house might be into extreme sports like skydiving or heli-snow boarding judging from their bathroom.
That's the homes main 200 amp electric … (17 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: What Is Growing Inside The Walls? - 02/05/11 12:36 AM
Not long ago I received a call from a homeowner with a concern with the exterior walls of his house. He had felt for a long time there was something wrong with his walls. He went on to explain that he had the walls insulated some years ago and felt there might be a problem with the job. The house was an old historic home (1837) without insulation when he and his family purchased it some ten years ago. There wasn't anything specific that he could pin point, but he would like an infrared evaluation for his own information.
Exterior walls … (13 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: It's Not The Snow On The Roof - 02/02/11 11:48 PM
Have you ever found a leak in your home and the first thing you do is try to plug it where you just discovered it only to find that it doesn't stop the water. A better analogy is mold found in a home. People usually focus on the little fungi farm while not seeing the real problem is the moisture. This is what I see lately in Connecticut with regards to roofs and snow.
There is a general panic around the state right now, helped by the media, because of the record setting snow fall last month. Yes there have been … (9 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: My Right Hand Man - 02/02/11 12:10 AM
Some things in our jobs are indispensable. For me as a home inspector it's tools. I have acquired many over the years. I look to acquire more in the future. Its part "need" and part fun. And yes ladies it also a guy thing.
One of the very first tools I bought was a moisture meter. I still have it and use it on every inspection. There is nothing that I would trade for my moisture meter. The only other tools I would rank as important are my plug tester and voltage detector.
So often during any inspection water stains or … (13 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: What Is Professional Responsibility? - 02/01/11 12:38 AM
As a home inspector in Connecticut I am a licensed professional service provider. There are many licensed trades and professions in my State, many of which are associated with people's homes. A license requirement means there is a defined amount of training involved in order to ply that particular trade or profession. A license also implies a higher level of skill and most importantly responsibility.
The license holder is held ultimately responsible for the work they perform. Lose the license, lose your livelihood.  In other words if you or someone working under your license screws up, you are held accountable.
On … (9 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: We Can Not Confirm Or Deny - 01/30/11 10:58 PM
One of the most difficult aspects of inspections is trying to confirm information. Most times it merely can not be done. There are a plethora of reasons why validating data is so difficult or even impossible in the context of a two to three hour inspection. Mostly it has to do with time and location. I don't have the luxury of time to spend in the location to make a better determination. So what I am forced to do is make educated assumptions (man I hate that word), based on the information at hand and my own experience. What I am … (10 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: Out of Sight, Out Of Mind - 01/27/11 12:03 AM
Out of sight, out of mind, that's a very old cliché meaning what we don't see, we don't think about...until it's thrown up in our face. Yesterday I wrote about homes where owners prioritize aesthetics over function. In so doing create difficulties in maintaining important systems and even hazards. The interesting twist to this mind set is there also seems to be little concern or caution on the part of the homeowner. The practice of modifying the home or an important system in what might be a potentially detrimental condition appears to never occur to homeowners who are aesthetically inclined.
The … (19 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: Lint Wash - 01/24/11 11:29 PM
The laundry is one home feature that has moved up the importance of location ladder over the years. I make this observation by what I have seen through my years of inspecting Connecticut homes. With older homes, the laundry is almost always in the basement, as homes get newer the laundry is often on the one of the living levels. The kitchen seemed popular for a time, now near the bedrooms appears to be preferred.
If the home is older or the laundry happens to be in the traditional location of the basement, people will often have it moved on up. … (13 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: Which Way Do You Lean? - 01/24/11 12:02 AM
Often when someone asks us which way do we lean, they are referring to our opinion on some current issue or perhaps which political party one prefers. Leaning implies movement in one particular direction. The most famous example would have to be the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy. That building still hasn't fallen...yet. Some day gravity will win out, as it eventually always does, and the tower will lean no more.
With inspecting homes when I find things that lean it is almost with out exception not a good thing. Some leaning can be serious, some not so bad. When … (6 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: I Was Framed! - 01/21/11 12:48 AM
I was framed!, screams the allegedly innocent criminal as he is sentenced to hard time in every hokey crime drama. In my job as a Connecticut home inspector I'm interested in framing, not some innocent sap, the kind that makes up a home or building.
Looking at an obviously reframed and sheathed garage on a recent inspection, I had to take offense. The carpentry was criminal.
Looking at the wall framing notice that the wall studs do not line up under the rafters. Also the door frame lacks a header. What may be hard to detect in the picture is the … (18 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: The Artful Electrician - 01/20/11 12:44 AM
They say the devil is in the details. I always thought he was in a hot southern climate, but I may have been given bad information. Actually the work of a well skilled and conscientious professional can be seen in the level of detail, the little things, they put into any task they carry out. The details will also give insight into whether the job may have been done by a person who did not possess the required aptitude. Or they just didn't give a hoot.
Take for example this little gem. That as everyone knows is an outlet. It is … (16 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: Should The Exercise Room Be Cold? - 01/18/11 11:51 PM
Exercise is a subject that seems to be on a lot of people's minds. I hear and see a great deal of conversation and print devoted to the topic.  Many home buyers I deal with often discuss where to put the exercise equipment. I know personally how difficult it can be to find space for a tread mill. Some folks add other things such as weights, an elliptical and other assorted equipment.
I myself prefer to do sit ups and jog every morning,
I sit up in bed and jog my memory. Badda boom.
Since you work up a sweat when exercising … (8 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: A Snow Load Tester - 01/17/11 11:11 PM
Last week Connecticut experienced a record setting snow storm that dumped up to 29 inches of snow in some towns. I'm sure I have inspected in every town that had the full 29. Walking around houses in snow over your knees has to be like slogging through a massive bowl of pudding. The difference being the snow is oh so very cold.
With all that snow piled up comes weight bearing down on homes. The first thing you think of is the roof, but what about a deck? What about a deck that is structurally inferior?
I found such a deck covered … (13 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: How Far Should The Home Inspector Go? - 01/16/11 12:47 AM
Two posts this morning have led to this post. First was Jay Markanich's post on the Home Inspectors Hippocratic Oath which in turn inspired Lenn Harley's post, What About Home Inspection Interference By The Seller?
Lenn described a situation in which the seller has left important areas of the home blocked and therefore uninspectable. Every inspector comes up against road blocks on every inspection. Most homeowners put little importance on access to their electric panel or water meter. To most homeowners I believe these things are just something that has little significance, consequently they pile stuff around the water meter or … (20 comments)

home inspectors connecticut ct: The Outlet, The Switch And The Light - 01/14/11 11:37 PM
Home inspection is an interesting profession, you almost always find something new and exciting while poking through someone's home.  Often times the curiosity is benign and not reason for any real concern. Then there are the whoppers, problems which can, in some instances, actually pose a potential danger.
While inspecting a 40 year old raised ranch style home not long ago I came across what I would term some extremely unique wiring. The home had clearly been not particularly well maintained with some "Uncle Bob" type work here and there. The customer had said to me several times she though there … (12 comments)

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