home inspectors in connecticut ct: Occasionally - 05/28/11 02:18 AM
Seller's disclosures, we have them in Connecticut. As a home inspector I like to look at the disclosure before the inspection begins. I often find them entertaining works of fiction.
On a recent inspection I looked over the seller's disclosure. It basically said with regard to basement water seepage, the part that was legible, the access for addition experiences moisture occasionally (emphasis the homeowner) during heavy rain or snow.
The problem with language is much of it is subjective. As a home inspector I try to word my reports in such a way so the language can not be interpreted subjectively.  … (18 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Clueless Or Ignored - 05/27/11 12:35 AM
My job as a home inspector is to poke, probe and prod into a house. In doing my job I get a good sense for the homeowner's character with regard to home maintenance. Some people are clearly very into their homes, keeping the house in immaculate condition. I do love this rare kind of homeowner, it is always a quick and easy inspection.
Next we have the regular Joe. Most everyone falls into this category, keeping up with most stuff, but there are some things to be done. Usually I will not find a major problem in the average Joes home, … (65 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Perception - 05/25/11 12:05 AM
Perception is our own reality. Our own interpretation of what we see, hear, feel, smell and touch. In nature altering perception is a means to survival. Camouflage helps to hide the hunted from the hunter. Or nature can  make a plant look frosty on a warm spring morning for our simple pleasure.


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home inspectors in connecticut ct: Spinning Wheels of Fire - 05/23/11 12:50 AM
Fire, its hypnotic flickering warmth, draws us into its glow like a moth. It brings out something primal in all of us. Who does not love to sit around a camp fire or watch fire works exploding in a warm summer sky, raining down colorful ciders to our collective ohs and ahs.
But there is the dark side of fire, it can destroy like a swift marauding band of Huns, spreading through a home in minutes. One common cause of a house fire is an electrical defect. The culprit, homeowner or a contractor (not an electrician) installed wiring.
The other morning … (10 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: I Needed A House Detective - 05/22/11 02:29 AM
Home inspections, as any inspector will tell you, are a good part detective work. Quite often during an inspection a client will ask a question about a particular concern. My response is that once I look through the house and put the pieces together, I should be able to better answer their question.
One fairly unique service I provide in my state of Connecticut is home energy audits. The field of home energy assessments is really in its infancy. It's true energy audits have been in existence for many, many years, but there has been little demand. That is until the … (11 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Isn't It obvious? - 05/20/11 06:37 AM
It happens to every one every day, a DUH! moment. Something so obvious we missed it because it was right in front of our face. You know how it goes, you're tearing apart the frig looking for the juice. You're grumbling under your breath or at least you think you are, your wife comes along to investigate the source of your agitation. She asks what's wrong; you say someone has taken your juice. She reaches by your twisted up face, grabs the bottle and says, in that special tone of hers,
You mean this juice.
Yep, we have all been there.

home inspectors in connecticut ct: You Won't Win This Argument - 05/18/11 01:42 AM
What I see happen as a spectator to a home sale is debate over home inspection issues. I find the problems then the buyer's decide which of those problems are important enough to negotiate. My role in that process is may be some further advice to the buyer's and or their agent.
On the other side of the coin is of course the seller. There is an instance where I am contacted by a seller regarding a home inspection issue. This would be due to a radon test that has come in over the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/L.
Usually … (16 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: A Hammer, A Nail and A Prayer - 05/16/11 01:51 AM
Ask any home inspector what his top three home inspection issues are, and I'll bet decks are in everyone's short list. These "easy to build" structures are taken on by the weekend warrior and a crew of his beer drinking, pizza scarfing buddies with frightening regularity.
Permits pulled? Pshaw, they don't need no stinkin' permits.
Plans? Nope, these guys have a plan in their head.
Here's a deck from a recent inspection here in Connecticut. It's a multi level structure, the lower half was for a pool at one time.
Thank goodness the pool is gone.
The upper structures construction left … (14 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Shots Fired - 05/11/11 11:49 PM
People move for so many varied reasons. Change of job, new addition to the family, less family. As a Connecticut home inspector I'm there to help them with the first part of their move.
Recently I had a young couple whose motivation for moving would seem to be a growing family. The home they were purchasing was on a quiet back street next to a school. The home was in need of plenty of work, which this couple seemed more than willing to take on.
As usual I inspected the exterior first, getting up on the roof. As I was finishing … (20 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Against The River - 05/10/11 11:46 PM
There are times in our day where we feel like we are swimming up stream. The task at hand looks daunting, the end seems so far away. But if you push the finish from your mind and focus only on the beginning, your outlook should become more optimistic. Just as the salmon begin their long journey at the mouth of the river or the baby begins to crawl before walking, beginning a task brings you closer to your goal.


James QuarelloConnecticut Home Inspector2010 - 2011 SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC

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home inspectors in connecticut ct: A Visit to The Sardine Packing Plant - 05/09/11 11:55 PM
I love to catch fish, I love to eat fish. One of my favorite little fishies to eat is sardines. They look so nice and neat all packed inside the tin. I even love the tin, well I did when the tins came with the key and roll open top. When you inserted the key and began to roll back the metal, it was anticipa-ya-tion.
Finding your favorite fish snack packed in a can is quite fun and tasty. Finding electrical wires packed up tight as sardines is not enjoyable, but cause for concern.
It is always fairly easy to tell … (15 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Pitch - 05/09/11 01:22 AM
The word pitch has many meanings; to throw readily comes to mind. To a home inspector it usually means the angle of incline. For example gutters should have a pitch or slight incline in order to coax the water to the down spout. When talking about to appliances inside the home that burn either gas or oil, the flue pipe that vents these appliances must have a pitch.
The angle in a flue vent helps to entice the combustion gases into the chimney. The pitch is more important when the appliances is atmospherically vented (not fan induced) to the chimney. If … (12 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Letting Go - 05/07/11 01:39 AM
You know how it can be letting go of an old favorite. We go through it our whole lives. First it's our binky or that special stuffed animal, later a ball cap or glove. When we "mature" it may be that special someone. We humans seem to grow attached to things as well as people. And those bonds can be strong and almost impossible to break, but there comes a time when letting go just has to happen. Yes there is pain and heart ache. And the begging and rationalizing. Oh the tears that flow.
And probably some environmental clean up.

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Cover Up - 04/30/11 01:30 AM
I love watching a good mystery or espionage movie. The plot twists, the deception, double agents, not knowing who the real bad guy is until the end of the film. It's great fun. That might be why I also love inspecting houses. Sometimes there maybe deception, plot twists and a little skullduggery involved.
Take for example the house I inspected the other morning. When I headed down to the basement to set up a radon test on arrival, I noticed it had been finished. Nothing necessarily unusual about that, but it does bear closer examination later.
When I came back to … (20 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot - 04/18/11 02:01 AM
Being in hot water is no fun unless you're at a spa. As a kid growing up here in Connecticut, I found myself in hot water occasionally, when I wasn't going to church or helping the needy. 
If you believe that I have some cheap ocean front property for sale in Kansas.
In our homes there is a means of heating the water so that we can enjoy a hot shower or wash or hands. The thing about hot water is, well it's hot and can burn you. Depending on how hot the water the burn can be minor to severe.

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Voices - 04/16/11 12:38 AM
There are times during the course of our day when something crosses into our sight that sets off an alarm in our brain. Some people may call this a little voice or intuition. Home inspectors, at least this home inspector, heed the brain whispers.
On a recent rainy morning I had spied an odd white blob in front of the chimney as I had pulled up to the house.
What the in the world could that be?, said the little voice.  
I got out the ladder and ascended to the roof. Once to the top I could see the form against the … (16 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Do Really Want A High Grade? - 04/14/11 01:07 AM
In school the higher the grade you got, meant the better you were doing in class. Even more important it meant your parents would probably reward you...by staying off your case about your grades. Parents were so clueless about what was really important in school.
In the business of home inspection there are no passing or failing marks given to each house. In fact if your inspector is "grading" your house, he's perhaps not doing a very good job. There is however an area where a grade is important, the soil grade around the home.
Ideally the soil around the home … (9 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: A Pretty Face Or A Dark Heart, A Buyers Tale - 03/28/11 02:15 AM
Beauty is said to be only skin deep. A pretty face can conceal a dark heart. And so it can be with houses. Buyers are wooed by the charms of granite counter tops and gleaming hardwood floors. The luxurious tile shower with multiple spray heads and the verdant greenery of the yard. They sign the sales contractor, doe eyed and smitten by their new love.
They then reluctantly call a home inspector, their real estate agent said they should, but they are doubtful their sweetheart is in need of an examination. Such beauty and charm can surely have no flaws. Grudgingly … (19 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Direction - 03/27/11 02:16 AM
Plato said, "The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life."
In other words before you begin a task, a career or any endeavor in life, no matter how big or small, you should first obtain the knowledge so that you may significantly increase the possibility of successfully accomplishing your mission. Failure is always a possibility in any task we undertake, but education gives us the power to decrease that chance and affords us the insight to learn from our mistakes.
A wise person understands this and seeks to obtain knowledge, a fool plunges ahead … (10 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Bail Faster! - 03/21/11 12:35 AM
I'm sure most everyone has watched a cartoon where a couple of characters are in a boat that springs a leak. They frantically try and bail out the water before they sink. As the situation becomes desperate, they try and plug the hole with all manner of ridiculous stuff. Kind of like the people who installed and flashed this flat roof did. Or maybe it was the installer who created the comical mess I found, as the homeowners frantically tried to stem the tide of water entering their home.
The point at which a roof joins the home is an important … (14 comments)

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