home inspectors in connecticut ct: Furry - 03/19/11 12:38 AM
Some things should just be furry and soft, like your cat. Unless you have one of those bald varieties (shudder). My two daughters have all manner of fuzzy and furry stuffed animals. They can never seem to have enough of them.
Interestingly enough a common house hold appliances produces lots of fuzzy, furry stuff, the dryer. Dryer lint for most of us is scraped out of the lint trap and thrown out in the trash. For the creatively minded, they see it as a cool art medium.
For me being a Connecticut home inspector, I see dryer lint as more of … (15 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Some Disturbing Patterns - 03/14/11 05:38 AM
Patterns can be used to determine many things, depending on what you're trying to prove. Since patterns imply routine, when a deviation occurs it can be indicative of a problem or nothing more than a change. As a Connecticut home inspector when I happen across patterns, it most often means a problem and or poor work.
While inspecting a roof not long ago, the snow has gone and roofs are now traversable again, I spied this odd pattern on a section of the roof. This was not visible from the ground, but when I got up close, there it was, very … (15 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: The Water Heater Trap - 03/08/11 02:05 AM
I don't count how many times a week I look at something during a home inspection in a Connecticut home and scratch my head in wonder, but that bald spot on the back of my head does look like its getting bigger. Seriously, do contractors actually believe stuff like this condensate line stretched across the floor is okay? Would they install a drain line in this manner in their own home?
I sincerely doubt it.
The space here between the water heater and furnace is the only walkway to the electric panel. The customer for this inspection was a renter looking to … (16 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Foundation - 03/06/11 01:27 AM
Foun·da·tion [fown dáysh'n] n
1.  Support for a building: a part of a building, usually below the ground, that transfers and distributes the weight of the building onto the ground
That definition of the word foundation as it applies to buildings and its connotations imply significant importance. The foundation is where everything begins, is built upon and thus supported. If you start with a poor foundation, everything built upon it can be put in a precarious position.
Generally most foundations for homes consist of two main parts, the footing and the wall. The floor, when one is poured, is usually the … (13 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: One of These Things is Not Like The Others - 02/24/11 12:03 AM
Anyone who has children or for that matter has grown up anytime from the 70s until now, is familiar with Sesame Street. One of the games they play on the show, which happened to be a favorite of mine and my daughters, is one of these things is not like the others. Basically there are four things shown and one just doesn't belong with the other three. The kids try to pick the out the one oddball object before time is up.
On my last inspection I felt like I was playing one of these things just doesn't belong. The home … (63 comments)

home inspectors in connecticut ct: Chomp, Chomp, Squish, Squish - 02/22/11 12:48 AM
Termites, you have to admire these little guys. They have survived for millions and millions of years through several of earth's evolutionary disasters. Termites were eating wood when T-Rex roamed our planet, but unlike the star of Jurassic Park termites are still around and very plentiful today.  
As much as one may have an admirable respect for these tiny insects, they are a pest which destroys our homes. The average cost to repair damage caused by termites in a home is $3000. The treatment cost to rid these voracious pests can start at $700 for a small house.  
The termite … (12 comments)

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