infrared thermal imaging connecticut ct: Differences in Time - 01/29/12 11:55 PM
If I had a dime for every time I heard it said, “they don’t make things like they used to”, I’d be retired lounging on a warm beach sipping a tall, frosty adult beverage. The previous statement is supposed to mean everything built today or at least the subject of the declaration is inferior to something made from yester year. The way I see it all the crap that was made long ago has gone where all junk ends up, in the dump. The well made and well cared for are still around, but remember this, time and nature always has … (11 comments)

infrared thermal imaging connecticut ct: Another Spectrum - 07/01/11 12:45 AM
Diversity in your business is really a must to longevity and survival. Similar to diversity in a species of animal helps it to survive adverse environmental conditions, so it is true of business. When the business climate changes those who have put all their eggs in one basket, may find nothing left to for breakfast one morning.
Years ago the real estate business was booming, houses were selling almost as soon as they hit the market with multiple buyers lining up to make offers. Ah yes the good old days. The prognosticators were saying in the midst of all this insane … (23 comments)

infrared thermal imaging connecticut ct: A Hot House Feature - 03/25/11 02:06 AM
One important part of the energy audits I perform here in Connecticut is the infrared thermal imaging scan of the home. Infrared shows the home in a whole new light. Infrared light to be exact. What infrared can show is where heat is escaping from the home. In this way I can demonstrate to the homeowner where it is important to seal and insulate.
One particular part of the home where insulation is missing, most often is older homes, is the floor system. When I mention to a home owner that they should insulate the floor over the basement, I usually … (12 comments)

infrared thermal imaging connecticut ct: Everyone Uses It, So It Must Be Good - 03/04/11 01:50 AM
One of the services I offer as a Connecticut home inspector is infrared thermography. Scanning the home with an infrared camera I can see what the naked eye can not. It can be very revealing. One lesson I have learned using the IR camera is what types of insulation work and what types do not. To break it down very simply;
Fiberglass insulation does not work effectively, period.
The first problem is most of the stuff is installed in preformed batts which usually must have a paper facing or vapor barrier. This paper is the cause for most of the air … (24 comments)

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