mold testing: The Fallacies of an Industry - 07/07/17 12:36 PM
School teaches us that 1 + 2 = 3, but A + B may not inevitably cause C
Logic, Webster’s defines the word as a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration : the science of the formal principles of reasoning.
Logic is said to be a science and science itself is a methodical process of discovering and using facts to arrive at conclusions. The two are symbiotic. The Scientific Method is a set of procedures used to arrive at fact based conclusions or theories. The procedures rely on checks to ensure accuracy and to … (3 comments)

mold testing: Is All Mold Testing Necessary... A Follow Up - 09/11/10 10:46 AM
A few days ago I wrote a piece entitled Is All Mold Testing Necessary. My aim was to  give an unbiased look at mold testing and its sometimes perceived necessity. One point of mine is if mold is visible there becomes no need to test it, but to simply remedy the cause and clean up the mold. Another instance I feel is a waste of a clients money is performing a mold test as part of a home inspection without cause.
When I say cause I am talking about having a good reason for testing. For instance is there a musty … (9 comments)

mold testing: Is All Mold Testing Necessary? - 09/07/10 05:28 AM
Mold and more importantly testing for and the remediation of mold have become pervasive in my state of Connecticut. At least once a week I receive a call from someone inquiring about mold testing. I believe the reason for these mold related calls is because my web site has a mold information page and also undoubtedly due to the sites good SEO. I often talk a good portion of these callers away from testing.
I performed mold sampling for approximately 2 years. I took a "mold certification training course", 2 days long, and was given my certificate stating my mold sampling knowledge. … (18 comments)

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