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Having tenants be responsible for the water, sewer and garbage is a debate that may never end.   The costs for these services will continue to rise and the owners prefer to not pay them.  The problem is money--specifically the lack of money tenants have.  They will pay the rent, gas and their cel...
Investors are buying up the rentals in the various Natomas communities...and finding good tenants!  3, 4 and 5 bed homes are consistently renting up in less than 30 days.  Our formula doesn't change:  know your market and price the home properly--reduce every 10-14 days as needed.  Please contact...
There is no substitute for being ready.  I am geared up for a small claims court case today and could not feel better about it....yes I am actually looking forward to court.  In this case I am defending an owner client in a security deposit dispute.  Though it is taking more work than the monetar...
In the huge community of Natomas, Natomas Park rentals are leading the way in rents attained and time needed to rent out.  Single family homes with 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms are all finding well qualified tenants as well as very good rents.  Surrounding neighborhoods like Regency Park and Westlake are ...

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