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We as managers represent owners with all types of rental property.  When moving in a new tenant there are several move in protocols to follow.  Homepointe performs a solo move in inspection prior to a tenant taking possession.  A two page inspection form is completed and digital pictures are take...
I have managed Natomas rental property and other areas for nearly a decade.....I cannot seem to find an easy way to have the tenant pay the water bill.  In Natomas the water bill and garbage bill are combined.  The water usage is metered and varies.  It is itemized but still combined with the oth...
Nearly all tenants will pay rent late at some point during their tenancy.  Most remedy the delinquency with a full rent payment and payment of the late fee.  At times some tenants do not make the proper payments and begin to generate lots of late fees.  These tenants often begin making later and ...
I have been able to rent up two high end South Port properties recently in a very short amount of time.  This community's close proximity to downtown Sacramento and its good quality homes and condos make it an ideal location for families and professionals to rent.   The community has lakes, parks...

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