mortgage: Those Who Wait Will Pay Thousands More This Spring - 03/16/10 06:40 AM
Waiting a few extra days or weeks to purchase a home this spring could cost buyers thousands of extra dollars as the office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) implements several changes for loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA).Coming just weeks before the April 30 deadline for the Home Buyer Tax Credit and just days after the March 31 expiration of the Federal Reserve Board's mortgage backed securities purchase program (which has kept home loan rates artificially low for over a year), these FHA changes make it even more important to act now to save big.Here are a few … (1 comments)

mortgage: Avoiding Foreclosure: Helping Clients Keep Their Home - 07/30/08 06:54 AM
Few things are as devastating as losing your home. Sadly, it's not always inevitable. In many cases the foreclosure could've been avoided with some outside help. You are in a unique position to advise your clients in financial matters. If you know that a client is on the path toward foreclosure, take the time to show them how it can be avoided. First, remind them of some of the hidden difficulties that will arise if foreclosure occurs.
Finding a new home. Don't let your clients believe that it will be better to let the foreclosure happen, because after they lose their … (3 comments)

mortgage: First-Time Home Buyers FAQs - 07/29/08 03:15 PM

Buying a home is one the biggest financial decisions most people will make in their entire lives, so it's only natural to have questions about the process, especially for first-time home buyers.
That's why I've put together a First-Time Home Buyer's Kit. The free kit includes our Home Buyer's Handbook, a 16-page booklet and glossary designed to provide answers to the more basic questions about buying a home; and audio CD called Home Buying 101, a unique 60-minute interview that answers the top 20 most important questions every first-time home buyer needs to know. Click Here to request your free First-Time Home Buyer … (1 comments)

mortgage: Interest Rates Change Daily - 07/29/08 08:09 AM

Interest rates change constantly, but it is important to know that rates are cyclical. If rates are currently at historical lows then we know there is a strong probability rates will go up again, and vice versa. Certain economic indicators such as unemployment data, consumer price index, retail sales data, and consumer confidence all have an effect on mortgage interest rates. But the key factor to watch is the relationship between stocks and bonds.
When the economy is slow and the stock market is "bearish," many investors move money out of stocks and into bonds and mortgage-backed securities. This causes … (0 comments)

mortgage: Mortgage Interest Rate Myths - 07/29/08 06:57 AM
This may come as a shock to many borrowers, but it's absolutely true. Mortgage interest rates are not set by the Federal Reserve and, contrary to popular belief, mortgage rates are not directly tied to the yields of US Treasury bills, bonds, or notes - including the 10-year Treasury Note. That's right. Despite what you might hear in the media, mortgage interest rates are actually set by lending institutions, and are based solely on the performance of mortgage-backed securities.
For years now, the media and inexperienced loan officers everywhere have suggested that the 10-year Treasury Note, a government-backed security, is directly … (3 comments)

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