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Joe Domino is a licensed agent serving the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area. Joe's broad base of experience and depth of knowledge provide him a unique insight into the real estate business. Follow Joe's idiosyncratic articles and postings which he makes available for your education and enjoyment.



I relocated to Phoenix from Illinois in 2001 and have never looked back. I remember my first November here, I was speaking with a few friends back in the Chicago area and I told them I hadn’t worn long pants since I arrived. They, of course, were gearing up for winter and were pulling their winte...
Recently I had an experience that is probably not all that uncommon, yet interesting. I was showing homes to a buyer client in one of those subdivisions with all the short winding streets. I was using the directions from the MLS plano and pulled up in front of the house. Everything thing looked c...
In today’s society rule breakers are often lauded as creative, thinking outside the box, even genius. We often hear that rules are meant to be broken.   When Dick Fosbury perfected the “Fosbury Flop”, he was thinking outside the box. Since there was no rule that stated which direction a jumper n...

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