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Joe Domino is a licensed agent serving the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area. Joe's broad base of experience and depth of knowledge provide him a unique insight into the real estate business. Follow Joe's idiosyncratic articles and postings which he makes available for your education and enjoyment.



Inner city and historic neighborhoods are all the rage with home buyers in Phoenix. Especially with millennial’s and empty nesters. What is the attraction? Usually, it is the location. After years of moving farther and farther out to the quiet suburbs, many people are opting to move back into the...
I like to listen to music, a lot. I simply cannot listen to talk radio or shock jocks spout their BS day in and day out. Furthermore, commercials bore me. My cure for boredom is listening to my favorite songs from an increasingly large music library. After all my favorite music spans over 6 decad...
I am always happy to learn about mortgage lending topics. Mortgages are the key to home buying. This excellent article by Rob Spinosa sheds the light on a topic that is often misunderstood. The Lenders, The Dreamers and Me   Immigration, as a topic, has been in the news a lot lately. Without weig...
This is great information from John Meussner. Share this with your potential home buyers. There is no free lunch. Experian Boost - Don't  Do It!        You've perhaps seen Experian's latest marketing pitch on TV commercials for their "Boost" product - "Help Raise America's Credit Scores", the web...
Scottsdale Arizona is a marvelous place. It offers residents and visitors alike activities and lifestyle choices that can make anyone happy. I have lived and worked in Scottsdale for 18 years, yet I am always finding new adventures and fun activities that remind me why we relocated here.Waterfron...
We have squatters living at our house and we have to let them stay a few more weeks.My wife enjoys hanging a variety of seasonal wreaths on our front door. We currently have a nice spring wreath of twigs and bright red flower buds. Along with our “Welcome” doormat, it invites our visitors to come...
Every sale, every transaction is different. Even when you think you have negotiated a slam dunk deal, something can go wrong. However, it can be especially unnerving when the best deal you can make is loaded with contingencies, being funded by a bank with a poor track record or working with an ag...
According to a recent article by Lance Lambert [1] a data journalist for®, Scottsdale Arizona is the number one place to own and operate a short term rental home like an Airbnb or VRBO.Scottsdale of course has long been a vacation destination for winter weary travelers. Ever since the...
Active Rain's Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland wrote about all of the details that need to be addressed when closing on a new house. There is no question that buying a new house opens a whole new chapter in the persons life. Margaret thought a song to sing the day before closing might be fun. He...

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