cave creek homes: Soundtrack of a Lifetime – 2019 Edition – Day 9 - 06/02/19 12:37 PM
Time to hop into the Wayback Machine. Back to the 1950s a time when wholesomeness and good clean looks were a prerequisite to stardom. Teenage heartthrobs abound and one of the earliest was Ricky Nelson. Ricky the youngest member of the Nelson family starred in radio and TV on the popular show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Ricky was often featured singing his latest song on the show. It wasn’t long before Ricky became a popular recording artist placing over 50 songs on the Billboard Top 100 chart.
Rock and Roll was still in its infancy and not everyone took the … (4 comments)

cave creek homes: The Lenders, The Dreamers and Me - 05/21/19 08:35 AM
I am always happy to learn about mortgage lending topics. Mortgages are the key to home buying. This excellent article by Rob Spinosa sheds the light on a topic that is often misunderstood.
The Lenders, The Dreamers and Me
Immigration, as a topic, has been in the news a lot lately. Without weighing in politically, at least overtly, this is a matter close to my heart as it's not hard for me to forget that my grandparents fit the classic Ellis Island mold that shaped the lives of countless Italian-Americans.  A couple of years ago, I was honored to write … (0 comments)

cave creek homes: Riding the roller coaster to success. - 05/08/19 05:47 PM

Every sale, every transaction is different. Even when you think you have negotiated a slam dunk deal, something can go wrong. However, it can be especially unnerving when the best deal you can make is loaded with contingencies, being funded by a bank with a poor track record or working with an agent that is out of step with the closing process. It can be like riding a roller coaster. One minute you are chugging along slow and steady, the next barreling down into the unknown.
Riding a roller coaster at an amusement park can be fun if that is what excites … (2 comments)

cave creek homes: The Desert in Bloom - 03/17/19 01:35 PM
This is the time of year when the boring old desert shows off its spring colors to the rest of the world. Today we took a drive out to the Bartlett Lake Recreation Area, just northeast of Scottsdale. It was a gorgeous sunny 67◦ and it was well worth the time.
The ride down to Bartlett Lake is about 5 miles of paved roadway winding through mountains and canyons with loads of picturesque views.
Along the way, we were able to stop and snap a few nice pictures of the wildflowers.
Here is a great shot of a patch of Mexican Golden Poppies and … (9 comments)

cave creek homes: Halloween is a Treat in Carefree, AZ - 10/26/18 09:15 AM
Carefree, AZ is a small town just north of Scottsdale. Carefree historically has been known as a quiet, peaceful hamlet void of any nightlife or touristy hub-bub. With street names like Tranquil Trail and Leisure Lane, it is easy to see how Carefree obtained its low key reputation.
But Carefree has been changing. In the last few years, it has become more of an artsy/touristy destination. The recent revitalization of the town center has made it a destination for visitors.
This season the local business owners have transformed the town center into a wonderful display of Halloween artwork. They have also scheduled pumpkin … (1 comments)

cave creek homes: Adventures in Paradise - The Prequel - 04/16/18 09:04 AM
Every now and then I like to recall some of the things that I have experienced since moving to the desert from the big city. I call them Adventures in Paradise. You will see a few of these articles here in my blog.
My favorite stories center around my introduction to Arizona's indigenous creators, primarily snakes. Like most people, I really don’t like snakes, but they are here so I must deal with them.
The area I live in is still somewhat rural so we see a lot of wildlife. This story is one from the first few weeks after moving into my … (0 comments)

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