glendale homes: The Counteroffer Goal - 02/18/22 08:10 AM
For those of you who haven't had a chance to see this article by Thomas J. Nelson, REALTOR ® e-Pro CRS RCS-D Vets check it out. As someone who has always believes in negotiating until you come to a meeting of the minds, this article spells out the strategy.
The Counteroffer Goal
Since 2020, it's been a bidding war style seller's market in San Diego; this means we have low supply and high demand for the available supply. This results in one seller receiving multiple offers from anxious buyers.
In my market, this means 5 to 25 offers is actual … (2 comments)

glendale homes: To climb or not to climb. - 01/23/22 10:00 AM

While not native to the Phoenix area, palm trees have become a popular choice for landscaping. They are relatively low maintenance and can survive in our dry weather. Palm trees in Phoenix can grow to 60’ tall and even though they are low maintenance they still require occasional trimming.
But how does one trim a tree that has grown higher than almost any ladder can reach? This dilemma means a home must hire an expert. Some landscaping companies will bring in a bucket truck to safely raise the tree trimmer to the proper height, an expensive and complicated procedure.
Or you could simply … (5 comments)

glendale homes: Anthem Arizona Veterans Memorial, an Arizona Hidden Treasure - 04/12/21 07:56 PM

Arizona is home to many wonderful places for residents and tourists alike to visit and enjoy. Some are natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, or Kartchner Caverns. Others are man-made like The Hoover Dam or the Tumacácori National Historical Park.
All of these places and many other popular destinations can be easily found in travel guides or on Google maps, so it is no wonder these sites see thousands of visitors annually.
But there is one really wonderful place that rarely gets a mention. It is the Anthem Arizona Veterans Memorial, located in the Anthem Community Park in the suburbs … (13 comments)

glendale homes: Escape from bondage. - 04/06/21 11:27 AM
Whether we like it or not the modern world has created a form of bondage that is hard to escape. Widespread access to the internet, with its hundreds of media outlets and social media, have us tuned in to the digital world 24 hours a day.
In all fairness, it would be difficult to conduct business without the quick access to information that the digital age has afforded us. We can find almost any form of information with just a few keystrokes.
I never want to go back to the old days of telephone books, catalogs, and paper maps. Nor do I wish … (12 comments)

glendale homes: Leave the dog. - 03/21/21 03:21 PM
As anyone that has done a least a few real estate transactions will attest, they can get pretty bizarre at times. Buyers and Sellers often focus too much on things that do not have significant monetary value but have meaning to them in other ways.
A few months back one sale I was working on fell through because the seller had planned to leave some furnishing behind, which upset the buyer so much they cancelled the contract. I am sure we could have resolved the issue, but emotions ran high.
I once sold a home where the buyers wrote into the offer a … (26 comments)

glendale homes: Spring has sprung! - 03/20/21 02:20 PM

Welcome to Spring 2021. The vernal equinox, which marks the beginning of astronomical spring in the Northern Hemisphere, took place this day of 3/20/21 at 5:37 am EDT.
To celebrate today we went to a garden center and purchased some lovely flowering plants for our yard.
While the weather may not be cooperating everywhere, it has been lovely here in Scottsdale. Today’s temperature was a sunny 77 degrees.
Tonight, we will dine at a new trendy outdoor restaurant to celebrate.
Spring as always brings new optimism and a feeling of renewal. 2021 should be no different. Let us all join together for a brighter future. … (10 comments)

glendale homes: The argument for still pricing a home correctly. - 02/09/21 05:52 PM

The last few months have seen an unprecedented tightening in many real estate markets across the country.
In popular areas sales have become skewed overwhelmingly in favor of sellers. Buyers seeking to purchase a new home have been met not only with dwindling inventory but with accelerating prices. Sellers have been able to bypass repairs or eliminate concessions.
In a market that exhibits these characteristics, certain buyers, ones that have access to additional cash have a great advantage. It allows them to make offers with larger down payments or to outbid other buyers in a multiple offer situation.
But what happens when the seller(s) … (5 comments)

glendale homes: Don’t forget to delete those accounts. - 02/05/21 06:27 PM

The average user has dozens of online accounts or business relationships that change over time. Each of these accounts has the potential to reveal information about you or at the very least increase your digital footprint.
But leaving old unused accounts in place when they are no longer necessary can be risky. Let me offer some examples.
I recently moved. I sold my home of 19 years and moved to a new neighborhood. At my old house, I had smart thermostats. When I installed them, I created an account with the manufacturer that allowed me to control the thermostats remotely. Once I moved, … (24 comments)

glendale homes: Staying Dry in a Rainstorm. - 02/01/21 06:32 PM
It’s raining outside and they are passing out umbrellas. Will you take one?
I was fortunate enough to have received my first Covid-19 vaccine and are on schedule for my second shot in the coming weeks.
Despite the negative press regarding the rollout of the vaccine here in Arizona, I was extremely impressed with the process that they have implemented here in Maricopa County.There are more than 22 public and numerous private dispensing sights across the valley.
I received my shot at one of the 5 drive-thru Point of Dispensing (POD) locations that have been set up across the Phoenix metro. The POD that … (3 comments)

glendale homes: Look both ways before you act. - 12/28/20 04:50 PM

Dual Agency some like it some hate it. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is risky. Regardless of how you feel about dual agency, it happens. More often than we care to imagine.
Most often when we consider dual agency, we speak of one agent representing both the buyer and the seller. In this scenario, the agent is treading a fine line between representing one party better than the other. Something we must avoid at all costs.
Some states allow for the designation of transactional broker/agent. A situation where the agent does not represent either party to the contract and only works to … (6 comments)

glendale homes: A cherished memory from a Christmas past. - 12/22/20 12:25 PM
Holiday memories are cherished memories. We enjoy them when they are happening and again and again as we relive them years later.
We have had many wonderful holidays together as a family. Because you can never get too much family time.
I remember one Christmas in 2014 when our beloved Hallee was still an integral member of our family. Halle was a beautiful black German Shepherd with just a wisp of white hair under her neck.
To see her in person you might be a bit intimidated by her size and look, but she was the sweetest puppy that one might ever encounter. I … (6 comments)

glendale homes: Don’t confuse an underwriter with an undertaker. - 12/16/20 08:21 AM

The term Undertaker is a funny word. Technically it means a person that is willing to undertake a job or task. In the old days, the name was given to members of the community that are willing to help bury people. An often-unpleasant task. The proper name for someone that prepares people for burial is a mortician. Today we often use the designation Funeral Director.
So, is someone that is willing to take on the task of examining a financial transaction an undertaker? While it is quite likely the result is the same, the term for that person is an Underwriter.
What Is … (3 comments)

glendale homes: I’ll be home for Christmas. You can count on that. - 12/13/20 11:28 AM
We have had many wonderful Christmas celebrations. Some have been elaborate affairs with dozens of family members gathering together over the course of several days. Growing up in a large family of Italian heritage we would often visit several houses. We ate many meals together, drank toast after toast to family members that were no longer with us. When we were younger, we would stay up until midnight mass. We are too old to do that now.
It was a great time to share our love. Every year we looked forward to seeing people we had not seen since last Christmas.
Of course, … (8 comments)

glendale homes: How many times a day do you say, “Thanks"? - 11/26/20 09:05 AM
How many times a day do you say, “Thank You”? I bet that it is quite a few.
Do we recognize how often we are thankful for the little things? Perhaps it is as uncomplicated as receiving good service at the local coffee shop. As simple as someone holding a door for you. There are so many things to be thankful for, every day.
Received a compliment? Say thank you. It goes a long way.
Today I tried to place close attention to each time I said, “thank you”. I was surprised by how often I did. Most of the time I was talking … (22 comments)

glendale homes: Anchors Aweigh! - 11/16/20 03:44 PM
Turning a house into a home often require you to make changes to accommodate your lifestyle. When the changes are big you may require a handyman or a contractor. Other times there are small jobs that any homeowner should be able to handle themselves.
Today my project was to install two new robe hooks in our bathrooms. The builder did a good job of putting in towel rods and towel rings, but we wanted something more. We found two matching robe hooks online that were just what the doctor ordered. It is a small job, so I grabbed my tool belt and … (18 comments)

glendale homes: The Werewolf Cometh. - 10/31/20 07:28 AM
 Halloween 2020 will be a strange one. Should it be any different than anything else?
There is no question that 2020 has been a strange year. Despite all the negativity surrounding the pandemic, some memorable things have happened.
Why don’t we examine some of the things that will make this Halloween a year to remember? In 2020 we will experience both a full moon and a blue moon, something that happens rarely. Although blue moons occur about every two- and one-half years, the last time that we experienced a coast to coast full moon on Halloween was back in 1944.
Let us not forget … (6 comments)

glendale homes: The Questions Have Changed. - 10/19/20 08:27 PM

What happens when you have all the answers, but the questions have changed? It seems in today’s world this situation has become more commonplace. Many of the things that we take for granted are no longer true.
In times of rapid change, we must re-examine how we think, how we work, and essentially how we live.
The real estate business is not immune to this rapid change. In the last few months, we have changed the way we sell homes. Many of the traditional processes may no longer be the best way to market a house. At one time a seller’s goal was … (40 comments)

glendale homes: Who’s Zoomin’ who? - 10/09/20 10:09 AM
Where do they find the time? I mean everyone is Zooming everyone else. But Zooming is not what it used to be. Years ago, zooming meant deceiving or taking advantage of someone. More recently, zooming meant getting high on a mixture of drugs and energy drinks. Today, thanks to the Zoom video conferencing software, people are Zooming each other daily with no ill effects.
There are so many Zoom meetings that I cannot keep up with them. My brokerage hosts regular status meetings sometimes as often as two or three times a week. We host marketing strategy meetings. Almost all of our … (6 comments)

glendale homes: The Phoenix market is HOT! - 07/28/20 07:27 PM

The market in Phoenix is hot, in more ways than one.
Once again, the Phoenix metro has led the nation in year over year home price growth. In June 2020 sellers sold their homes for 99% of asking price. The average home went pending in 37 days and homes in hotter areas of the valley went from listing to pending in just 14 days.
Despite a spring slow down attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market has rebounded nicely.
New home builders have seen an increase in sales of over 6% in the month of June.
The result is a market that clearly favors … (4 comments)

glendale homes: Soundtrack of a Lifetime - 2020 Encore 1 - 07/21/20 07:13 PM
Due to unforeseen circumstances, many of the Soundtrack of a Lifetime – 2020 Edition posts have been lost. But there is still plenty of good music to listen too.
The Corona Virus/ COVID-19 pandemic has changed some of the ways we live our lives. Most rock concerts and live stage performances have been canceled or at least postponed. Yet, the performers that we enjoy are still playing, even if their fans cannot participate.
There have been a lot of performers that have offered virtual concerts which can be fun in the absence of live music.
One of the latest is a compilation of performers … (4 comments)

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