home improvement: Keep up the good work. - 03/23/20 03:47 PM

We had our house painted a few days ago. I was thrilled with the outcome. The painters were very professional. They were on-time each day, quiet, respectful and cleaned up after themselves. The best part was they were reasonably priced.
I chose this company based on a referral from another agent. Referrals do not always work, but in this case, they were right on. When the salesperson came out to estimate the job, I could tell they were the company I wanted to hire. When you hear words like “We want to earn your business”, or “Here is my cellphone call me … (2 comments)

home improvement: Like a seat belt for your stove. - 04/19/18 07:41 PM
Many homes in the U.S. have freestanding ranges. Freestanding ranges are convenient, functional and offer homeowners a wide variety of choices. Ranges come in a variety of colors, configurations, and quality. But one thing that freestanding ranges have in common is the potential for the unit to tip forward when a heavy weight is placed on an open oven door. It is not something that most people consider when purchasing a new range, but it happens more often than we like to consider.
From 1980 through 2008, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that there were 38 fatalities associated with … (2 comments)

home improvement: Where there's smoke, there's fire. Protect yourself. - 04/09/18 07:12 PM
One of the greatest improvements in building safety has been the installation of smoke detector devices in homes, offices and commercial buildings. In commercial buildings smoke and fire detectors are generally part of a comprehensive fire alarm system. But residential smoke detectors, often called smoke alarms, are generally independent systems designed to protect one household or one unit in a multi-unit building.
Properly working smoke detectors cut the risk of fatalities in a home fire in half. The U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports 0.53 deaths per 100 fires in homes with working smoke alarms compared to 1.18 deaths in homes … (0 comments)

home improvement: New furniture and no house to put it in. - 10/08/17 09:15 AM
You just had your offer accepted for your new home. You have saved your money, shopped for the best mortgage rate, found the perfect house. Now all you have to do is wait for closing.
Buying a new home is exciting. There is so much to do. You have to hire a moving company, arrange for utilities, notify friends of your new address, and buy new furnishings for your new palace. But be careful, before you go out and spend a lot of money or initiate any new credit lines consider the possible effect on your upcoming home loan.
When you applied for … (2 comments)

home improvement: Why plumbers make so much money. - 09/25/17 07:06 AM
This week I had the chore of playing plumber again, twice actually. Once to help my friend replace a toilet (oh joy) and secondly to unclog a shower drain. Both were loaded with substances that no human should be required to touch.  As you might guess, what appeared to be a 10-minute job turned into several hours of grumbling, bending over with even a little cursing added on for good measure.
The interesting thing about doing plumbing work is that regardless of which repair you are performing, the same truths remain:
Every wrench in your toolbox is either too big or … (6 comments)

home improvement: One simple improvement homeowners can easily make to their house. - 08/29/17 12:24 PM
Homeowners have a big investment in their homes. Anything that they can do to make it better is always welcome. But sometimes big improvements simply are not in the budget. So what can the average homeowner do to improve their home, make their life easier without busting the budget? One such project involves replacing the old fashion incandescent and halogen light bulbs with modern Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps.
Incandescent bulbs while cheap to purchase cost much more to operate, have a very short life span and radiate heat. Halogen bulbs while more energy efficient also emit dangerous levels of heat that can burn … (1 comments)