homeowner: Squatters at our house! - 05/11/19 04:53 PM
We have squatters living at our house and we have to let them stay a few more weeks.
My wife enjoys hanging a variety of seasonal wreaths on our front door. We currently have a nice spring wreath of twigs and bright red flower buds. Along with our “Welcome” doormat, it invites our visitors to come inside. In fact, it is so welcoming that one of our local doves decided to build a nest in the wreath. When we went out to see what she had done we noticed that there were a couple of eggs in the nest.
Hmmm…, now what? We … (2 comments)

homeowner: Be it ever so humble… - 10/19/18 08:22 PM

"To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.” Or so wrote famous writer and essayist Samuel Johnson in the 18th century. Johnson, who was famous for such important works like “A Dictionary of the English Language”, knew what many people who came afterward began to realize. That owning your own property, your own home, could enrich your life. That it will give you a feeling of purpose and stature.
Americans have always felt that home ownership, whether a small apartment home or sprawling estate, should be viewed with the pride of ownership and sense of accomplishment. As author … (5 comments)

homeowner: Why a condo may be your best choice. - 12/16/17 09:43 AM
When trying to decide the type of property in which you should invest your hard earned money, many factors may come in to play.  While purchase price is always an important part of the equation, there are other ongoing costs that you may have to consider before deciding between a Single Family Residence (SFR), Townhouse or Condominium. But debating the economics of the purchase is only one factor in deciding where to live.
A second and equally important aspect of your decision should be your lifestyle. If you are someone that enjoys a large private yard, enjoys working in a garden and … (4 comments)

homeowner: Sellers Property Disclosure a Burden or Benefit? - 12/04/17 09:53 AM
In most states, Sellers are required by law to disclose all known material facts about the property to the buyer, even if the property is sold As-Is. This is especially true with regard to defects and repair history. But disclosing facts about a property is not always easy, the older a house gets the longer the history becomes. Some items like remodeling or redecorating are easily discovered by new buyers. Other items like repairs to foundations or electrical work may not be as apparent to the naked eye.
While the burden to discover is typically placed on the buyer, it is important … (0 comments)

homeowner: Why plumbers make so much money. - 09/25/17 07:06 AM
This week I had the chore of playing plumber again, twice actually. Once to help my friend replace a toilet (oh joy) and secondly to unclog a shower drain. Both were loaded with substances that no human should be required to touch.  As you might guess, what appeared to be a 10-minute job turned into several hours of grumbling, bending over with even a little cursing added on for good measure.
The interesting thing about doing plumbing work is that regardless of which repair you are performing, the same truths remain:
Every wrench in your toolbox is either too big or … (6 comments)

homeowner: Adventures in Paradise - 08/31/17 12:37 PM
When you choose to live in semi-rural North Scottsdale you learn to adapt to the environment around you. As a city boy, I never thought I would be fascinated with the many forms of wildlife like coyote, javelina, bobcat and of course snakes of all kind that are natural to this area. But here in N. Scottsdale they are commonplace, and after all they were here first.
Like a lot of southern Arizonians we are pool owners and even if you have a weekly or bi-monthly pool service, you need to perform daily tasks like skimming leaves and removing foreign matter from … (0 comments)

homeowner: One simple improvement homeowners can easily make to their house. - 08/29/17 12:24 PM
Homeowners have a big investment in their homes. Anything that they can do to make it better is always welcome. But sometimes big improvements simply are not in the budget. So what can the average homeowner do to improve their home, make their life easier without busting the budget? One such project involves replacing the old fashion incandescent and halogen light bulbs with modern Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps.
Incandescent bulbs while cheap to purchase cost much more to operate, have a very short life span and radiate heat. Halogen bulbs while more energy efficient also emit dangerous levels of heat that can burn … (1 comments)

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