relocation: Do you really want to be a rock star? - 07/04/19 08:19 PM
Over and over I see want ads imploring, “Help wanted Rock Star…”.
No doubt the portrait we have painted of a Rock Star appears to glamorous, successful, even desirable. But in reality, Rock Stars as a group are seldom successful and when they are their success is fleeting. They seldom get to enjoy the very thing that makes them a star and that is their passion.
Being a Rock Star may have some reward. They often leave behind a legacy. Their music, stories, events that they have participated in, may live on long after their star has extinguished.
However, if you really want long … (5 comments)

relocation: Disclosure vs. Discovery – There is a difference. - 07/02/19 06:52 AM

When should a seller disclose material facts that could affect the marketable value of a home? That, of course, is a trick question. The answer is always.
However, does the receipt of a home inspection report immediately require an update of the Seller Disclosure documents? Well, not always.
Let’s start by explaining the disclosure and inspection processes in AZ:
Whenever a house is placed on the market the Seller is required by law to disclose known facts (including history) of the property. We use a Sellers Disclosure form for that purpose. Upon receipt, the Buyer has 5 days to examine the Sellers Disclosure and … (20 comments)

relocation: Soundtrack of a Lifetime - 2019 Edition - Day 29 - 06/21/19 05:39 PM
Well, we have heard a lot of old songs this month. Some are oldies that have a definite sound that remind us of a particular time period that we remember but is now gone. Then there are old songs that still sound as fresh today as the day they were recorded. One of those songs that I enjoy listening to despite its age is At Last by Etta James. 
James who crossed the line often between blues, jazz and rock was one of those timeless performers. Despite a difficult life that included numerous bouts with drug addictions she found a way … (3 comments)

relocation: Soundtrack of a Lifetime - 2019 Edition - Day 24 - 06/18/19 11:16 AM
Neil Diamond is an other performer that achieved early success as a songwriter then later became a renowned on-stage performer and actor. 
Neil has had 10 number one singles and 38 songs in the Top Ten.
With great songs like Cracklin' Rose, Song Sung Blue and America his music has spanned the generations. It is amazing how popular he is with an audience of younger patrons, many of whom were not born when his songs were released.
Diamond has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling musicians of all time
Neil Diamond was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of … (1 comments)

relocation: Scottsdale Treasures - Don Bluth Front Row Theatre - 06/14/19 01:23 PM

Scottsdale Arizona is a place that is often recognized for outdoor activities such as golf or hiking. But Scottsdale has so much more to offer than outdoor activities. I have lived and worked in Scottsdale for 18 years. Still, I am always finding new adventures and activities that remind me why we relocated here. I call them hidden treasures.
One such hidden treasure is the Don Bluth Front Row Theatre. For over ten years, the cast members have been performing insightful comedies and musicals that have delighted audiences both young and old. Located just off Shea Blvd and the Loop 101 Freeway, … (1 comments)

relocation: Soundtrack of a Lifetime – 2019 Edition – Day 7 - 06/01/19 07:47 PM
The Soundtrack isn’t just about oldies. It also isn’t just about rock music. There are a lot of great bands and songs that come from all genus. Sometimes you just hear something that you like and it brings you joy. It may be R&B, Jazz or Country.
Have you ever had the chance to see a band play live just before they broke onto the national scene? I have been fortunate to see several. One band that I was fortunate to see in 2003 before they made it big is Sugarland. Sugarland is a country music band that consisted of guitarist Kristen … (2 comments)

relocation: Soundtrack of a Lifetime – 2019 Edition – Day 6 - 06/01/19 09:04 AM
In 1964 Soul music was still very much the most popular genre for pop singers. The Beatles and the British Invasion was just starting to sweep the nation, but a lot of people still liked listening to what was then termed blue eyed soul. The duo of Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield, who called themselves The Righteous Brothers, released a song produced by Phil Specter titled "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin". It became a number one hit in both the U.S. and the U.K.
"You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" has the claim of being the most-played song in the history of American … (3 comments)

relocation: Soundtrack of a Lifetime – 2019 Edition – Day 4 - 05/28/19 08:21 PM
Smokey Robinson is one of the founding creators of the Motown sound.
Starting out with the singing group The Miracles, Smokey became one of the first acts signed to the Motown label. In fact, he had actually been friends with Barry Gordy since before the formation of Motown Records. In late 1960, The Miracles recorded their first hit single, Shop Around, which became Motown's first million-selling hit record.
Smokey Robinson ultimately would produce 26 top forty hits as the lead singer for The Miracles. He also was a prolific songwriter and producer. Between 1960 and 1970, the group released other top ten hits … (3 comments)

relocation: Soundtrack of a Lifetime – 2019 Edition – Day 2 - 05/23/19 09:21 PM
One of the icons of Rock that has continued to maintain his relevance for over 50 years is Carlos Santana. Santana ranks up there in my book as one of the finest guitar players around. From his debut album Santana, released in 1969, on up to his 9 times Grammy-winning album Supernatural he continues to demonstrate his remarkable talent.
Carlos Santana and his band were one of the headline performers at the original Woodstock Music and Art Fair. This year Bethel Woods, the site of the historic Woodstock festival will host a series of concerts to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The lineup … (5 comments)

relocation: Scottsdale Treasures - Hiding in plain site. - 05/15/19 09:15 PM
Scottsdale Arizona is a marvelous place. It offers residents and visitors alike activities and lifestyle choices that can make anyone happy. I have lived and worked in Scottsdale for 18 years, yet I am always finding new adventures and fun activities that remind me why we relocated here.
Waterfront property is not the first thing that you think of when considering life in Scottsdale. More often you think of Scottsdale as a desert community. Yet we have several marvelous neighborhoods that border small lakes and canals. Areas with tall trees, green grass, and classic architecture.
Today I had the chance to spend a … (3 comments)

relocation: It’s Valentine Day, so say Happy Birthday Arizona! - 02/13/19 10:42 AM
In most of the modern world February 14th is Valentine's Day, but in Arizona the day represents something else to love. February 14th is also Arizona’s Statehood Day, the day that the Arizona Territory was formally accepted into the union as the 48th state. 2019 marks the State of Arizona's 106th birthday.
There are many unique things about Arizona. Most people know about the Grand Canyon, the Sonoran Desert, the dry heat. But here are a just a few things you may not know about Arizona:
Arizona’s state bird is the Cactus Wren. The state flower is the Saguaro Cactus Blossom. Arizona known … (2 comments)

relocation: Words that make me say "Ouch!" - 01/10/19 03:57 PM
Ah yes. More cringe-worthy moments from Marte Cliff. Great for a laugh.
Sometimes a word in a sentence just jumps out, hits you, and makes you think "Ouch!"
Such was a word in an email I received not long ago. It was a forward from a friend, and it had a fine message. The trouble was in the introduction.
It said "This bares repeating." Ouch!! 
The "ouch" problem is getting worse day by day - probably due to the number of people who are now using voice recognition software to do their typing.
Granted, some of these errors are due … (4 comments)

relocation: And now for a little light reading. - 07/22/18 07:49 PM
Sometimes when I am bored I sit around and think about the changes that time has brought to my body. Like most people, I suffer from the occasional ailment or disorder, but generally, I am pretty healthy.
Still, when some sort of new malady arises it can be cause for concern.
So as an example suppose I discovered that my toes are discolored. That could indicate that they are gangrenous, or it could just mean that the dye from my socks is bleeding through onto my skin.
Suppose that my face appeared to be flushed. It could be because I was anxious, stressed or … (2 comments)

relocation: A little bit of rain goes a long way. - 07/21/18 04:11 PM
Phoenix is in the desert, that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We don't get a lot of rain and most of it comes in our two rainy seasons January and the summer monsoon. The summer monsoon is a time when the weather pattern shifts and storms drift up from the Gulf of Mexico. The media will often focus on negative aspects of the monsoon-like when one of the big dust storms engulfs the valley. It makes great television.
But with the monsoon also comes much-needed rain and the flora around the valley reacts appreciatively. We have been fortunate to have … (3 comments)

relocation: Your Charm Will Lead To Benefits. - 07/20/18 08:32 AM
I am so confused. Several websites I have visited declared today to be National Fortune Cookie Day. Then again several others claim Sept 13 is Fortune Cookie Day.
Just to be safe, I decided to open a fortune cookie today. I was rewarded with this wonderful prediction.
"Your charm this week will lead to benefits."
I can only wait with bated breath to see what the future will bring.
Too bad it's Friday this would have been a good fortune on Monday.
Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website … (2 comments)

relocation: Give Me Lots, Lots of Lots. - 07/18/18 08:39 AM
Hum along with me to the tune from Cole Porter’s classic song Don’t Fence Me In.

I really cannot say that I started in the real estate business selling land. But, I can say that I started in the real estate business buying and selling vacant lots.
I obtained my license in 2003 and immediately looked for a niche that would bring me success. After a few stops and starts, I began to do business with two small developers. They had a plan to get rich in the rapidly accelerating custom home market in North Phoenix. The area was comprised of small … (4 comments)

relocation: Ooops, there goes another great Sun City home. - 07/16/18 05:04 PM
We did it again! We just closed on this darling Sun City townhome. This wonderful 2BD/2BA/1CG was in near perfect condition. The soon to be retired buyer is ready to relax and enjoy life on her own terms.
The sale went as smooth as silk thanks to a pair of experienced RE Agents, a top-notch Loan Officer, and a meticulous Escrow Agent.
I love it when a plan comes together.
Want to find your place in The Valley of the Sun?
Visit me

relocation: Why word choice and grammar really do matter - 07/14/18 12:22 PM
I love this post by Marte Cliff. I can relate to what she is saying and I have a story that offers a perfect example.
I work occasionally as a trainer and I develop training programs. On one occasion I was delivering a class to a group of international students. One of the gentlemen in the class was from Taiwan. He didn't speak very good English, but he could read it very well. He was following along with the presentation using the training manual to reinforce his learning. As he read along, he found a grammatical error in our document that confused … (2 comments)

relocation: The effects of low inventory. - 07/07/18 08:32 PM
In many places around the country, the inventory for resale homes continues to be very low in comparison to demand. The result has been accelerating prices particularly in the lower and middle price points. But accelerating prices are not the only factors that have made this market the most unique we have seen in many years. Aside from the usual supply and demand issues, low inventory has created several other situations that have affected home sales.

Sales are down.
Pure and simple, fewer houses to sell results in fewer sales. According to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) Pending Home Sales Index (PHS), … (0 comments)

relocation: A House So Hot It Nearly Burned My Hands. - 07/06/18 03:53 PM
In Phoenix, every agent carries a pair of gloves in their car. You see, in the summer, lockboxes, signs and even door knobs that are in the direct sun get so hot they will burn your hands. So when we talk about a hot market, we mean it in more ways than one.
Still, the demand for houses in certain price points is extraordinary. My client just closed on a house in suburban Glendale, AZ. The need for houses in this area was so hot that I was receiving multiple calls before it even hit the MLS, thanks to a coming soon … (3 comments)

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