relocation: To give real service you... - 01/22/22 06:30 AM
I am often asked what separates one real estate agent from another. This blogpost by Paul Henderson, REALTOR®, sums up the difference between an agent who works for money and one who works for their clients.
Paul Henderson, REALTOR®, Fathom Realty WA LLC, Mason County, Washington's preferred real estate Agent & Broker

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity!
Attributed to Douglas Adams
Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog post! This post was researched, authored, and photo by Paul Henderson, … (10 comments)

relocation: Can’t you see I am falling for you. - 09/21/21 07:32 AM
Fall is upon us. It will arrive officially at 12:21 pm on September 22.
Fall is a season of transition. It is a time when the days grow shorter, and the weather begins to change. The long hot days of summer will soon be behind us. Here in Phoenix the change will be subtle. The average high temperature will drop to below 100 degrees for the first time in months. With cooler days ahead. Up north you will wake up to cool mornings where you can see your breath on your early morning walk.
In many parts of the country the trees will … (7 comments)

relocation: It’s Butterfly Time. - 09/12/21 07:17 AM
For those of you who know the Phoenix area, you know that it is a desert. The desert can be a hard place to live in the summer. But Phoenix also experiences a summer monsoon season when we get a significant portion of our annual rainfall. The amount of rainfall varies from year to year so you are never really sure how much will fall. This year has been a good year with more than normal precipitation. That means that the flowers and trees are experiencing exceptional growth.
Along with the flora came an explosion of birds and bugs and lovely little … (7 comments)

relocation: Soundtrack of a Lifetime - 2021 - Carly Simon - 06/04/21 12:53 PM
Every so often a song comes along that becomes the identity for another art form. In this case, our song today Nobody Does It Better became synonymous with the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. The song broke with tradition in that most theme songs from the James Bond films were titled with the name of the film.
The song was composed by Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager and of course was performed by Carly Simon. Nobody Does It Better received an Academy Award nomination, a Golden Globe nomination, and a nomination at the 1978 Grammy Awards.
It was … (10 comments)

relocation: Arizona is a Land of Contrasts - 04/18/21 01:57 PM
At last, I had the opportunity to travel this weekend, an activity that has escaped many of us this past year. The trip was a short one. But a welcome chance to visit somewhere different with an overnight stay in Flagstaff. It is only a two-hour drive from North Scottsdale to Flagstaff, Arizona, but it is a world away in character.
For those of you that think of Arizona only as a hot, dry, dusty desert you will be surprised to know that the State of Arizona is truly a place of environmental contrasts. While southern Arizona resides predominantly in the … (16 comments)

relocation: The Desert Botanical Garden, keeping the desert alive. - 04/17/21 11:43 AM

When most people think of Arizona they think of the desert, and rightly so because we sit smack dab in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. But what most people don’t know is that the native desert is rapidly disappearing.
In the late 1800s, a series of canals brought water to the desert. Arizona became an agricultural area. With irrigation, many crops like cotton and lettuce could be grown easily. Some crops had the benefit of two growing seasons which made them lucrative for the farmers. They also found that citruses like grapefruit, lemons, oranges, and melons like cantaloupe and honeydew, would … (13 comments)

relocation: The Moral Victory. - 03/30/21 05:45 PM

Can you call it a moral victory when you make a sale in today’s sellers’ market?
A moral victory is one where you believe that you are right, even if what you have accomplished is considerably less than what would have been accomplished had the main battle been won.
The main battle I am speaking of is selling at a fair price for both buyer and seller.
As an agent, your fiduciary duty is the protect the client’s money. That of course means helping them get the best deal. As the Listing Agent, even if you are able to negotiate a great deal several … (11 comments)

relocation: The argument for still pricing a home correctly. - 02/09/21 05:52 PM

The last few months have seen an unprecedented tightening in many real estate markets across the country.
In popular areas sales have become skewed overwhelmingly in favor of sellers. Buyers seeking to purchase a new home have been met not only with dwindling inventory but with accelerating prices. Sellers have been able to bypass repairs or eliminate concessions.
In a market that exhibits these characteristics, certain buyers, ones that have access to additional cash have a great advantage. It allows them to make offers with larger down payments or to outbid other buyers in a multiple offer situation.
But what happens when the seller(s) … (5 comments)

relocation: Don’t forget to delete those accounts. - 02/05/21 06:27 PM

The average user has dozens of online accounts or business relationships that change over time. Each of these accounts has the potential to reveal information about you or at the very least increase your digital footprint.
But leaving old unused accounts in place when they are no longer necessary can be risky. Let me offer some examples.
I recently moved. I sold my home of 19 years and moved to a new neighborhood. At my old house, I had smart thermostats. When I installed them, I created an account with the manufacturer that allowed me to control the thermostats remotely. Once I moved, … (24 comments)

relocation: Where Have All The Listings Gone? - 01/31/21 01:14 PM
I don’t typically do Market Reports, there are dozens of sources that specialize in reporting on both the broader market and the nuances of each region of the country. But of course, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the market. Anyone in this business needs to stay tuned in to the ever-changing face of real estate.
Today I received a market report from one of my partners and I could not help but share this remarkable data. The report was quite lengthy with several interesting facts and figures on the state of the real estate market in the … (3 comments)

relocation: A Place of Honor. - 01/27/21 06:09 PM

Laugh if you will, but I am a believer. Call it fantasy, hocus pocus, or superstition.
There is a story, perhaps a wives’ tale, that if you bury a statue of St. Joseph on the grounds of a home that is for sale that the home will sell faster.
As a young boy, I was taught that St. Joseph was a carpenter. I do not think he ever sold real estate, so I am not sure where the belief that he is the patron saint of real estate agents originated.
But why tempt fate?
Over the years I have made it a practice to bury … (16 comments)

relocation: Drop the damn shoe already. - 01/15/21 09:37 AM
“The property has closed; a new deed has been recorded.” For many of us, those are some of the sweetest words we can hear. Because until the escrow closes, anything can, and sometimes does, happen.
Just because you have a smooth sale with a willing buyer and eager seller, it can still go awry. There are third party participants and events that can derail even the smoothest sale. Even if you have already gone through the negotiations, the inspections, and underwriting with the end in sight, watch your step. You don’t want to trip over the finish line.
What could go wrong? The … (9 comments)

relocation: Please address me correctly, or not at all. - 01/10/21 05:07 PM
I have a lot of pet peeves. I am old and I am entitled. Lately, one of the things that have been irritating me is the way some people use email. Almost everyone is capable of emailing. It is fast, inexpensive, and efficient. For those reasons, email has become the default way to pass information among people.
But not everyone follows proper protocol when addressing emails to another party. Protocol? You say. What do you mean? Are you implying there are rules for using email?
While there are many rules for proper email practice, the one most often abused is sending emails that … (29 comments)

relocation: There is a time to talk, and a time to listen. - 01/05/21 07:35 PM

How do we learn? Is it by talking, or listening? It is often said that when you speak you are only repeating ideas that you already know. But when you listen you learn new things that you may have never learned.
You do not have to agree with what you are hearing, only acknowledge that there are ideas and facts that are different from ours. It is the first step in growing.
The mindset that because we learned something once and that is the way it should always be relegates us to the stone age. We should never forget that there was a … (29 comments)

relocation: Look both ways before you act. - 12/28/20 04:50 PM

Dual Agency some like it some hate it. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is risky. Regardless of how you feel about dual agency, it happens. More often than we care to imagine.
Most often when we consider dual agency, we speak of one agent representing both the buyer and the seller. In this scenario, the agent is treading a fine line between representing one party better than the other. Something we must avoid at all costs.
Some states allow for the designation of transactional broker/agent. A situation where the agent does not represent either party to the contract and only works to … (6 comments)

relocation: How many times a day do you say, “Thanks"? - 11/26/20 09:05 AM
How many times a day do you say, “Thank You”? I bet that it is quite a few.
Do we recognize how often we are thankful for the little things? Perhaps it is as uncomplicated as receiving good service at the local coffee shop. As simple as someone holding a door for you. There are so many things to be thankful for, every day.
Received a compliment? Say thank you. It goes a long way.
Today I tried to place close attention to each time I said, “thank you”. I was surprised by how often I did. Most of the time I was talking … (22 comments)

relocation: I would rather be a Hershey bar. - 11/07/20 12:19 PM
Some names are just renowned throughout the world. The name Hershey is synonymous with the candy bar. The name Xerox has long been identified with the brand name of a company that produces office machines that can duplicate a document. But Xerox is also synonymous with the act of making the duplicate.
In business, you want to be recognized. Being the first one that comes to mind when a need arises, puts you in the forefront. Ahead of the competition.
Easily recognizable names are not always a good thing. Some names identify with failure. Being a Benedict Arnold is tantamount to being a … (16 comments)

relocation: Who’s Zoomin’ who? - 10/09/20 10:09 AM
Where do they find the time? I mean everyone is Zooming everyone else. But Zooming is not what it used to be. Years ago, zooming meant deceiving or taking advantage of someone. More recently, zooming meant getting high on a mixture of drugs and energy drinks. Today, thanks to the Zoom video conferencing software, people are Zooming each other daily with no ill effects.
There are so many Zoom meetings that I cannot keep up with them. My brokerage hosts regular status meetings sometimes as often as two or three times a week. We host marketing strategy meetings. Almost all of our … (6 comments)

relocation: The fall never kills you. - 10/06/20 07:11 PM

We work hard all our lives to accomplish our goals, earn recognition, and attain wealth. In our early years, we seldom recognize how our lives will evolve. We cannot predict the future, so we can only plan our futures based on the knowledge we have today.
If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it should have taught us that life is unpredictable. Enjoy it while you can.
I was having a discussion with a friend the other day. This gentleman has only known me for about five years. He did not know me when I was up and coming, or even when … (19 comments)

relocation: Soundtrack of a Lifetime - 2020 Encore 1 - 07/21/20 07:13 PM
Due to unforeseen circumstances, many of the Soundtrack of a Lifetime – 2020 Edition posts have been lost. But there is still plenty of good music to listen too.
The Corona Virus/ COVID-19 pandemic has changed some of the ways we live our lives. Most rock concerts and live stage performances have been canceled or at least postponed. Yet, the performers that we enjoy are still playing, even if their fans cannot participate.
There have been a lot of performers that have offered virtual concerts which can be fun in the absence of live music.
One of the latest is a compilation of performers … (4 comments)