scottsdale: Scottsdale Treasures - Don Bluth Front Row Theatre - 06/14/19 01:23 PM

Scottsdale Arizona is a place that is often recognized for outdoor activities such as golf or hiking. But Scottsdale has so much more to offer than outdoor activities. I have lived and worked in Scottsdale for 18 years. Still, I am always finding new adventures and activities that remind me why we relocated here. I call them hidden treasures.
One such hidden treasure is the Don Bluth Front Row Theatre. For over ten years, the cast members have been performing insightful comedies and musicals that have delighted audiences both young and old. Located just off Shea Blvd and the Loop 101 Freeway, … (1 comments)

scottsdale: Scottsdale Treasures - Hiding in plain site. - 05/15/19 09:15 PM
Scottsdale Arizona is a marvelous place. It offers residents and visitors alike activities and lifestyle choices that can make anyone happy. I have lived and worked in Scottsdale for 18 years, yet I am always finding new adventures and fun activities that remind me why we relocated here.
Waterfront property is not the first thing that you think of when considering life in Scottsdale. More often you think of Scottsdale as a desert community. Yet we have several marvelous neighborhoods that border small lakes and canals. Areas with tall trees, green grass, and classic architecture.
Today I had the chance to spend a … (3 comments)

scottsdale: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. - 12/23/18 10:15 AM
One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas",
The song was written for the movie Meet Me in St. Louis and originally sung by the iconic Judy Garland in 1944. But like most Christmas songs it has also been recorded by a host of other popular artists including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, James Taylor and Sam Smith. It ranks 3rd in sales for Christmas songs.
The version I chose for this post was performed by pop singer Lou Rawls. Lou’s deep baritone voice adds a cool modern mix of blues & jazz sounds to the song. Lou Rawls … (11 comments)

scottsdale: We Don't Need No Stinking Snow Shovels! - 12/22/18 10:48 AM
We don't get any snow here in the Valley of the Sun, but we still celebrate Christmas. And just like everywhere else in the world we decorate our homes and shops for Christmas.
Every year my wife, myself and some friends go out hunting for the best Christmas light displays. While there are several wonderful neighborhoods that go all out to celebrate, I found one that I enjoyed enough to make a short video.
This particular house, in Scottsdale, has computer controlled lights, movies, music and audio, fire shooting out of 4 chimneys as well as free hot chocolate and cookies. The full program … (7 comments)

scottsdale: Don’t ask don’t tell doesn’t apply to real estate. - 11/25/18 06:19 PM

When selling a home it is always good policy to disclose any known material facts about a house. Hiding something that may be important to a buyer simply because “they didn’t ask” has the potential to cause problems down the road and maybe even end up in a legal battle.
Disclosure laws differ by state so what must be disclosed in some states may not be required in others. To help home sellers meet their disclosure obligations the state REALTOR® Associations have developed forms that the seller can use. The forms cover the most common items that might be asked by a … (16 comments)

scottsdale: You Can Observe a Lot Just By Watching... - 09/04/17 06:15 PM
I borrowed this title; "You can observe a lot just by watching", from the late Yogi Berra the Hall of Fame Yankee catcher that seemed to have a marvelous way with words.
Yogi was right in many ways. We often are so busy talking or trying to make a point that we forget to observe what is really important. Even when we think we are listening, we may be planning for our next response or our next riposte, to overcome an objection.
As real estate agents, we are taught to try and spin the positive viewpoint, to try and get a … (4 comments)

scottsdale: September is REALTOR® Safety Month. Be safe out there! - 09/03/17 12:39 PM
September is REALTOR® Safety Month so this is a good time to remind agents and clients alike, of the risk of encountering someone who may be intent on doing you harm.

As an agent, I meet new people on a regular basis. Most of the time I have little or no opportunity to screen the person before we begin to interact.  Showing vacant homes or even holding open houses presents a situation where you have very limited control over an unexpected meeting.  You have to be a quick judge of character, ask the right questions and still make a good impression.

scottsdale: Adventures in Paradise - 08/31/17 12:37 PM
When you choose to live in semi-rural North Scottsdale you learn to adapt to the environment around you. As a city boy, I never thought I would be fascinated with the many forms of wildlife like coyote, javelina, bobcat and of course snakes of all kind that are natural to this area. But here in N. Scottsdale they are commonplace, and after all they were here first.
Like a lot of southern Arizonians we are pool owners and even if you have a weekly or bi-monthly pool service, you need to perform daily tasks like skimming leaves and removing foreign matter from … (0 comments)

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