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Surf Suites underwent a major improvement. You can see it with Jay Seville at that is the Surf Suites apartment at Wrightsville Beach condos offer for sale and renovations throughout the building. They were completed around May 2019.I had actually shown some photos of ...
Investing in Atlantic Towers Carolina Beachdrop-off that's for sure now here's why these are such a good investment properties the fees are low the management fee includes the as part of the HOA fee includes the management and for this unit that was just three thousand dollars and then four thous...
How to Guide on Buying Vacation Rentals Beach Properties North Carolina hi i'm jay seville the owner andthe greater wilmington north carolinaarea and in northernvirginia and washington DC Metro today'stopic is how to buy an oceanfrontvacation renta...
 Carolina Beach Condo Market TrendsHey good morning everybody it's Jay with wilmington real estate comma stay calm what is the latest and the greatest with the Carolina Beach oceanfront condos for sale market well it's been pretty intense and that's sort of what I've  been predicting the last few...
hey everybody i'm jay with a few months ago Iwas showing vacation rental propertiesthat's a property people plan on buyingthey'll use it themselves one or twoweeks a year and rented out the rest ofthe year with the right downpayment itcan pay for itself very well and...
Cape Fear Crossing Irks Brunswick Foresthi i'm jay seville the owner of wilmington real estate comments wilmington - real - estate calm i am a passionate consumer advocate and realtor in southeast North Carolina and also have done a lot of business in Northern Virginia in Washington DC today I'm ...
Carolina Beach condos on the north side hi i'm jay seville with and JustNewListings.comso you're thinking about a vacation rental Carolina Beach condo you'rethinking about buying the Carolina Beachoceanfront condo in North Carolina andif you're like most folks you're ve...
How's the Market in Wrightsville Beach?hey everybody this is Jay the owner and I'vegot this funky new stand-up desk so nowI get to do my videos I level and walkaround. you know I could be like one ofthose preachers and I make my pointsover he...
What's Latest on Surf Suites condo in Wrightsville Beach?hi i'm jay seville the owner  I'm going to talk to you quickly about the Surf Suites condo in Wrightsville Beach some call it the surf Motel condo and that's because in the MLS that's its official name, but som...
No Inventory for Carolina Beach Oceanfronts so it's tough being an out-of-town person who wants to win. some other active listings right now a...for 300 these are interesting here these listed in the last week but if this is second row. And then another 2second row now the second row is used to b...

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