atlantic towers: Atlantic Towers Condo hits the spot $$$ - 06/06/19 12:27 PM
Investing in Atlantic Towers Carolina Beach
drop-off that's for sure now here's why
these are such a good investment
properties the fees are low the
management fee includes the as part of
the HOA fee includes the management and
for this unit that was just three
thousand dollars and then four thousand
dollars for regular expenses for turning
over the condo different types of
cleaning expenses repairs etc so in the
end they netted thirteen thousand
dollars whereas lots of places you'll
have a 20% management fee or at Shell
Island Resort 36% management fee so
they're really good Atlantic Towers
about letting the owners keep their
money that's that's really cool and see
if there was any other … (0 comments)

atlantic towers: Latest on the Crazy Carolina Beach Condo Market - 06/06/19 11:12 AM
Carolina Beach Condo Market Trends
Hey good morning everybody it's Jay with
wilmington real estate comma stay calm
what is the latest and the greatest with
the Carolina Beach oceanfront condos for
sale market well it's been pretty
intense and that's sort of what I've
been predicting the last few years and
telling people by now by now by now
because every year you're gonna lose
double-digit income in terms of
besides the rental revenue and I have a
couple examples as a length that are
sort of putting 2019 into perspective
for Carolina Beach condos . Few year ago Atlantic Towers units were closing $160,000 and now they are selling for $190,000. by the … (0 comments)

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