north carolina: Wheelchair friendly Beaches in North Carolina | Oak Island - 06/04/19 04:15 PM
hey everybody i'm jay with
so a few months ago I
was showing vacation rental properties
that's a property people plan on buying
they'll use it themselves one or two
weeks a year and rented out the rest of
the year with the right downpayment it
can pay for itself very well and be
quite lucrative
a typical vacation rental for example an
example might be four hundred thousand
used to close four seven hundred
thousand so we're still far below the
peaks for what it's worth and the issue
on the table for this family was you had
a relative with a disability and a
wheelchair so we were looking for a be a
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north carolina: For Gosh Take Paint the Paneling! | Oak Island oceanfront - 02/28/19 09:59 AM
Oak Island Oceanfront Vacation Rental Advice
Some classic observations -- 6 minutes -- on the value of painting the paneling and return on investment thereof for North Carolina and Oak Island real estate.
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north carolina: North Carolina Oceanfront Homes Table is Ready - 02/07/15 12:22 PM
So I was wondering how I kept getting a regular flow of oceanfront home buyer leads even though I was too broke--can you say transparency-- to do Bing Adword advertising anymore.  I figured out that some landing pages I had created and SEOed awhile back had gotten some good rankings.  When buyers search on the big G for North Carolina Oceanfront homes for sale they find me #13 on one site and #26 on another.  So I thought I'd add some more links and content to both of them and see what happens.
I've found in the past that google loves … (2 comments)

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