colorado springs homes: Good Advice on Buying a Home - 06/04/12 01:48 AM
We are generally still in a Buyer’s Market in most areas of the United States so while it may still be difficult to find a lender who’s willing to put out the money you are still working with pricing that is generally lower than normal.
In most cases housing prices are beginning to rise, but slowly. Taking the opportunity to buy now is a definite positive move and by simply following a few tips you may find the entire process much easier.

Know Your Total Costs While it sounds logical sometimes in the craziness of making this huge decision you … (0 comments)

colorado springs homes: Will Your Home Sell Quickly? - 06/01/12 02:28 AM
There are many different circumstances that can determine how quickly your home will sell when put on the market. First off you’ll want to ask your agent what the current DOM (Days On Market) average is for homes in your area.
Some areas obviously sell much quicker than others and some areas are completely different from the “National” Market; meaning even if it’s a Buyer’s Market in most areas your particular are could be a Seller’s Market or vice versa.
In any case nobody can assure you how quickly your home will sell but if you check the list below you … (3 comments)

colorado springs homes: Is A Single Family Home Really Best For You? - 05/30/12 12:35 AM
  People don’t often consider the number of different types of homes that are available to them and it’s often something that should be considered before you begin looking at homes to buy.
While many just assume “buying a home” means buying a single family dwelling there is a lot more available out there and, depending upon your needs & wants, you may end up finding out that a single family dwelling isn’t really the best choice for you.
Various types of homes are available for sale and everything from single family dwellings to investor type units and condominiums are offered. … (0 comments)

colorado springs homes: Tips On Selling Your Home In The Spring - 05/27/12 12:44 AM
Spring is the time when we see daffodils, tulips, and tree buds appearing in our front yards; but it’s also one of the most exciting times in the Real Estate business.
On average we see about a 30% increase in home sales during the Spring season. However, we have to recognize that seasonal sales are different than market trends and while sales generally increase in the Spring you also have to take into consideration what the market conditions are for your area.
If You’re Thinking About Selling In The Spring Time Because people seem to be more … (1 comments)

colorado springs homes: Is It Time To Sell? - 05/21/12 01:01 AM
The market has definitely been a “Buyers Market” and not a “Sellers Market” but things are also definitely changing.
The best news is that the changes are happening at a good solid pace and not shooting up or down suddenly, making it a much more sound market as a whole. So should you put your home up for sale now or wait?
Positive Signs That The Market Is Changing To Benefit The Seller Interest Rates Rising – Interest rates are slowly rising and buyers are thinking they better buy now before rates go up too high. Record Low Number of … (3 comments)

colorado springs homes: Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Selling a Property - 05/11/12 05:57 AM
Selling real estate is a multi-layered process with a number of factors affecting the amount you will get for the property. Here are some real estate selling tips to help you make a better sale.
Make detailed cost/profit calculations before selling the house. You should create what is known as a “Seller’s Net Sheet.”
A lot of people don’t do this important calculation; they just calculate the amount of money they owe and the amount of money they want and then subtract the former from the latter.
This is not the best way to go about things, as … (1 comments)

colorado springs homes: Making An Offer On A Home - 01/23/12 06:40 PM
It’s an exciting moment when you find that home that you simply “know” is the one. The next step is to make an offer on the home; but how do you know what to offer?
Unfortunately there is no quick cut and dry answer to that question because there are so many different factors involved.
For instance, a house in the same neighborhood may have sold at substantially less than the house you’re interested in is priced at but there may have been reasons for the price difference.
Perhaps the seller was extremely motivated to sell quickly as they needed to … (2 comments)

colorado springs homes: How to sell your house - 01/13/12 04:59 AM
Wondering why your home hasn't sold? 7 tips for first time sellers:

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