With the Holiday season upon us, everyone is starting to think about the New Year, and what they might do as a New Years Resolution.  I want to get everyone thinking about a few things they can add to their list that really aren’t too hard to do! Downsize your vehicle.  This year, instead of tr...
It's here.  The Zero-emission Honda FCX - a fuel cell powered vehicle that emits only clean water vapor!  This vehicle is here, and ready for the road!  Honda will be releasing a limited number of these vehicles for lease to Sothern Californians during the summer of 2008.  (Lucky Californians!!) ...
Here are some eco-friendly ideas to make your thanksgiving friendlier to the planet!Opt for an organic turkey from a whole foods store, or a family farm.  Eating greener doesn't mean you have to give up your Holiday traditions.  People are opting for organic turkeys in increasing numbers.  You ca...
Today is November 16th, and not even a trace of snow is on the ground here in Park City.  You can see just a little bit at the very top peaks of the mountains.  Where is all the snow?  There were previously a few resorts considering opening today, and I think the only one that managed to do it w...
Deer Valley opens December 8th this year with $9 million in improvements!   The biggest addition and change to the mountain is the opening of 200 additional ski able acres in the new high speed quad going into North West portion of the mountain near Empire Canyon.  This area will feature nine ne...
I was browsing on a green living website this morning, and I came across a banner with an advertisement that caught my eye.  It was a banner for an electric car from Chevrolet, the Volt. This vehicle features an onboard 3-cylinder 1.0L Turbocharged, inter-c...
Are you a vegetarian?  A vegan?  A day in and day out red meat eater?  How do your eating habits affect the environment?  Do you ever think about all the methane gas that is produced by cows?  Do you think about the amount of grain that cow eats to produce the one burger you’re eating today?   I...
This one's for all the dog lovers out there.... It's a little story about dogs to brighten your day.  I thought it was really, REALLY cute, and wanted to share it :) Dog Logic The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. - Anonymous There is no psychiatris...
I use the term a lot!  I often refer to ways to become “greener” in your daily life, and habits, and changes you can make to make your home “greener”.  Is there a minimum standard when someone says it’s a “green” home?  What does this mean?  Does it mean it is carbon neutral or net zero, or does...
What can you do about pollution?  We all try to be responsible in our personal lives, we carpool when possible, or use public transportation, drive less, and of course, we have all switched to using Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, and taken a few steps in our homes to help (right??)  Still thou...

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