The USA is currently ranked #37 in the world in health care by the WHO (World Health Organization). THAT is pathetic. We currently spend 40% more than France, who is ranked at #1 by the WHO. Yet we get so much LESS! Here's a great article I found on the NY Times. CLICK HERE. This is pretty right ...
OH MY GOD!!! We can't cover ILLEGAL ALIENS in the new health care bill! NEWSFLASH- We already do!! And honestly, would you want it any other way?? Would you want to live in a country where if a person went in to the emergency room who was badly bleeding, or had a broken bone would be TURNED AWAY ...
This video is a good, simple terms idea of what the "public option" really is, to follow up on my post from yesterday. It's less than 2 minutes long - Please take the short time to watch it, and feel free to comment with your thoughts if you want.
MY situation: I’m among the millions and millions of uninsured Americans. I’m 27 years old, and extremely healthy. I hardly ever get sick. I eat healthy. I exercise. I’m not overweight (at all!). I don’t use any prescriptions. I am a non-tobacco user. I’m completely, 100% LOW RISK with one except...

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