tip of the day: Dispose PROPERLY of hasardous waste! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 06/11/08 07:04 AM
This one is pretty obvious, but still you see some people who just dump out old oil, antifreeze, etc without thinking about it's impact on the earth.
Nearly every household has some kind of hazardous waste: old paint cans, used motor oil, unused pesticides and weed killers.  If you dump these things down the drain, you'll end up polluting the water supply.  Old Batteries, CFL Light bulbs, and other hazardous solids should be considered as well. They should be disposed of in a site specially designed for hazardous or toxic wastes.  Some cities and counties have monthly or annual pickups.  Other … (2 comments)

tip of the day: Elect Green! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 06/06/08 02:13 AM
During this heated election season, this is a great one, and it can REALLY make a difference, especially at the local level!  During election campaigns, ask candidates about their position on the environment.  Try to ask specific questions that relate to situations in your community-- whether they support a mandatory recycling program, for example, or whether they plan to get tough on polluting companies. 
A little can go a long ways here, if you have a little time, work as a volunteer on a "green" candidate's campaign.  As a volunteer, you can canvas neighborhoods in your local community, make phone calls, … (4 comments)

tip of the day: Avoid fast food! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 06/04/08 04:06 AM
Today's tip is a very easy one!  SKIP the fast food joint!  Most fast food is overpackaged and most fast-food companies are responsible for producing mountains of trash.  By avoiding fast food whenever possible, you'll help reduce this needless waste, AND help reduce your waist line!!  Fast food is often made with unhealthy preservatives, from meat laced with hormones and drugs of all kinds!  Ditching fast food for good will improve your overall health in addition to the other benefits I have listed!
As always, Please feel free to comment with questions, or if you have anything else to add!

tip of the day: Ditch Styrofoam! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 06/03/08 04:01 AM
This one is obvious to some people, and not so much to others!  Did you know that a SINGLE polystyrene (styrofoam) cup conains ONE BILLION BILLION molecules of CFC's?  That's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.  Once a CFC atom reaches the ozone layer, it can take over 100 years before it breaks up and becomes harmless! 
Think about this when you're buying picnic supplies, and especially when you're at the restaurant!  Most "to go" containers are made out of styrofoam!  Consider taking your own re-usable plastic tupperware container instead of the one that will end up in the land fill, and likely even the atmosphere!

tip of the day: Adopt! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 06/02/08 10:21 AM
An animal, a stream, a whale, a highway, a child!  There's almost no limit to the number of environmental causes to which you, your friends, or your family can turn.
If you're looking for a new pet, adopt one from the shelter, and give a chance to a pet that might otherwise not get one.
If you're looking for a community service project, adopt-a-highway litter control is a good one! 
Adopting a child is an amazing way to add to your family WITHOUT addint additional impact to our earth!
As always, please feel free to comment if you have any questions, … (3 comments)

tip of the day: Buy in Bulk! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 05/13/08 10:30 AM
Buy in bulk. One 32-ounce bottle will use less packaging than two 16-ounce ones, even though the total size is the same. Plus, the larger bottle will probably cost less per ounce than the other two combined! For an example, let's look at pop. A 2-liter bottle of pop costs $1, or about 1.5¢ per ounce (there's 67 ounces). The packaging comes to about 163 square inches. Opposing this is the 12-pack of cans. The cost is about $3 for 144 ounces, or 2.1¢ per ounce. The total packaging here comes to 600 square inches! The 2-liter is much better! Less … (6 comments)

tip of the day: Spread the word about Conservation! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 05/05/08 04:12 PM
This is an easy one - Spread the word about conservation!   
Talk to friends, family, co-workers, and people you randomly meet!  Any way you can, get people to think about the earth. There are more than 6,000,000,000 people on this earth, and every one of them needs to take care of it! Always look for environment-safe products and encourage others to do the same. From recycling to buying less packaging to planting trees to saving water to conserving energy, keep the environment in mind! 
As always, please feel free to comment with questions, or anything to add! 

tip of the day: Eat Organic! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 05/02/08 09:18 AM
With spring in full bloom many places around the country, and on it's way in others, this is a timely reminder! 'Tis the time for fresh, locally grown, organic produce!  Many communities have Farmer's Markets, which are a GREAT summer resource for organic an all natural produce!  Here in Park City, or local PARK CITY FARMER'S MARKET will start in June, and run through October!  It's located at the Canyons resort, in their lower parking lot!   If  you have never been, it's a great thing to check out this year!
You can also now buy organically-grown foods at many … (9 comments)

tip of the day: Buy Less Stuff! Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 04/29/08 03:29 PM
This one will help your bottom line as well as the earth!! 
Buy less stuff.  New products require the destruction of trees, the use of petroleum for plastics, shipping, packaging…our incessant chain of production and consumption is one of the great threats to the sustainability of our planet. Can you use that sweater another year?  Maybe you could swap some furniture items with a friend. Perhaps you can you get something on Craig’s List rather than at Toys-R-Us?
As always - Feel free to comment with any questions, or anything to add!

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 04/28/08 02:52 PM
This tip is a fairly easy one, especially if you're one who takes several trips per year! 
Fly one time less each year.  Plane travel is one of the greatest sources of carbon emissions (and global warming). Maybe you could drive or take a train to your destination. Or consider planning a vacation closer to home. To learn more about the impact of travel:  http://www.lowimpactliving.com/blog/2007/08/09/eco-travel-part-1-planes-trains-and-automobiles
As always, please feel free to comment with questions or anything to add!         

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 04/25/08 02:10 AM
Today's tip is obvious to some, and not so much to others.... But it's a simple one that can REALLY help! 
Give up bottled water– for good. Drink from a glass at home, take your own reusable jug or bottle to the gym, and encourage your office to get a water filter or a water service. Americans throw out over 40 million plastic bottles each year and over 80% end up in landfills. If everyone on your block stopped using bottled water you could probably cut out 5000 bottles each year. Look for drinking fountains!!!!  One last note on this subject, keep … (0 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 04/24/08 06:39 AM
Eat meat LESS!!!  Try to eat meat (at least) one fewer day per week. Raising animals for meat (particularly beef) places an incredible strain on our natural resources. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, one pound of red meat is responsible for 20 times the land use, five times the water use, and three times the greenhouse gas pollution compared with a portion of beans or pasta.
This is a pretty simple way to help the planet - and if you're eating regular grocery-store meat on a regular basis, it will probably help save your body from ingesting some extra hormones, … (3 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth! - 04/18/08 08:08 AM
With summer coming up, and the temperature in most places starting to rise, this one is a great reminder! 
OPEN WINDOWS instead of using the air conditioning.  Consider getting a few fans to help circulate the air a bit. This is obviously not practical in ALL areas, some places are JUST too hot, but for temperate climates where the temperature inside is close to the temperature outside, then save some money, electricity, and the EARTH by just opening windows at night!  If you do this, then your house will cool down on it's own without costing you a cent!  If your … (6 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth - 4/17/08 - 04/17/08 05:18 AM
It's a very easy one today!  USE BOTH SIDES of paper if you have note paper, or taking notes in a class.  Don't just throw the paper away, make sure you RECYCLE when you're done completely!   Get useless paperwork from classes, junk mail, etc?  Don't just chuck them immediately, use them as scrap paper first.  Keep a few around for the next time you need to jot a number down.  Having a few around is a great way to keep yourself from wasting new sheets each time!
As always, feel free to comment with any questions or if you have anything to … (5 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth - 3/31/08 - 03/31/08 11:37 AM
Tip of the day to help save the earth - The last day of March, 2008!  
Make your meals earth-friendly. When packing a lunch, put sandwiches, chips, etc. in reusable plastic containers instead of sandwich bags. Carry your drink in a washable thermos bottle, and your lunch in a reusable lunch container. For meals at home, put leftover food in hard plastic washable and reusable containers. (You could save glass jars and deli containers for this!)  When you go out to a restaurant to eat, Take plastic Tupperware containers with you for leftover boxes instead of using the Styrofoam box … (3 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth - 3/30/08 - 03/30/08 03:36 AM
Tip of the day to help save the earth - 3/30/08.  This one is a definite no brainer! 
"Recycle" your clothes. Once your kids grow out of their clothes, or you no longer like or fit into something, DON'T THROW IT AWAY! If you want to make money, try having a garage sale. Too much work? The Salvation Army or other clothing donation stores offer tax refunds for donated clothes. Resale shops will pay you for clothes you give them. Feeling moral? Donate your clothes to the needy or to other clothing drives for the poor.  Need Rags?  Cut up old t-shirts, … (6 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth! 3/29/08 - 03/29/08 03:46 AM
 This is a great one that is so easy, and will save you $$ Also! 
Use permanent silverware and dishes instead of paper ones. Not only will you save the earth, you'll save money! Why use disposable plastic silverware when you can buy regular ones? The last thing we need is extra garbage in landfills, and this is a great way to cut down on some of it. Use permanent kitchenware unless you absolutely have to use disposable stuff!  Also - When you're washing, make sure to think about conserving water!  A water and energy-efficient dishwasher is more efficient than hand-washing, as … (2 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth! 3/26/08 - 03/26/08 05:29 AM
Here is the tip of the day for today, Wednesday March 26th.  
In general, don't use disposable products at all. Diapers, pens, razors, towels; they're all disposable, so there are many ways to do help the earth this way. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable plastic ones. Don't use paper towels--old t-shirts or towels work fine as messy-use rags. Those multi-use paper towels that claim to be strong enough to use again may be, but it's still cheaper to use an old rag, and the rag will probably work better! What's the use of using disposable razors if you have to buy … (8 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth! Easter Sunday, 2008 - 03/23/08 03:59 AM
Tip of the day for Easter Sunday 2008.  Think about this while you take your home movies and pictures of your family this Easter... 
Use re-chargable batteries! Although they may cost more to buy, re-chargable batteries will save you 10 or 20 times the original cost (by not buying new batteries over and over again), and not get thrown in the trash. Also - if you MUST use the one-time use batteries, at least RECYCLE them!  Prolong the life of any batteries by using a cord (and AC adapter, if necessary) for radios, video cameras, and other appliances when possible.
As always, … (3 comments)

tip of the day: Tip of the day to help save the earth! 3/22/08 - 03/22/08 04:16 AM
Tip of the day for March 22!  
Buy your Easter dinner fixins' from local sources if you can!  Buy organic, and all natural ingredients, and enjoy your easter without imported products!  It's much healthier to eat organic fruits and vegetables, and ESPECIALLY meats!
Happy Easter weekend to you and your family, and as always, please feel free to comment with questions or if you have anything to add! 

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