housing market: 6 Mistakes That Devalue Your Home - 06/10/13 11:21 PM

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As a homeowner, there are countless tweaks and additions you can make to your abode. If you’re enthusiastic, Home Depot can eventually start to feel like an all-you-can-eat home improvement buffet of fun.
But before you go into project-planning overdrive, slow down! It’s important to be selective with your add-ons because some changes can actually devalue your home.
Here are six things to double-check.
Note: Every home and region is … (1 comments)

housing market: How Do I Know What Loan To Apply For? - 05/13/13 10:29 PM
HOW DO I KNOW WHAT LOAN TO APPLY FOR? Specifically, if you are or were: Employed less than two years: Wait a few years and try reapplying once your records show a consistent position and a stable income. However, if you're working for a company and its partner company offers you the same position for a higher income, this is a case where lenders want you to take the job and earn the extra money. Self-employed: You should be self-employed for at least two years to show stability. Also look at your net income (the gross income minus all of your … (1 comments)

housing market: Today's Dream May Not Be Tomorrow's - 05/01/13 11:55 PM
Today’s Dream House May Not Be Tomorrow’s Leslie Herman <nyt_byline style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: georgia, 'times new roman', times, serif; line-height: 15px;"> By ROBERT J. SHILLER Published: April 27, 2013 FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ SAVE E-MAIL SHARE PRINT REPRINTS <nyt_text><nyt_correction_top> HOUSES are just buildings, but homes are often beautiful dreams. Unfortunately, as millions of people have learned in the housing crisis, those dreams don’t always comport with reality.
The Housing Haze Last of three columns.
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Economic and demographic changes may severely impair the value of a home when it’s time to sell, a decade or more in the future. … (1 comments)

housing market: How Lenders Judge You - 04/28/13 11:02 PM
Getting Approved: How Lenders Judge You
As a consumer, you’re used to being the one with the power to judge the products and services you purchase and the companies that offer them.
But when it comes to financing your new home or refinancing the one you already own, you hand that power over to the mortgage lenders and, more specifically, the underwriting department.
A mortgage loan underwriter is tasked with carefully analyzing every bit of information the loan officer asks you to provide as part of the loan application process as well as the collection of “trailing documents” that you send in later to substantiate … (2 comments)

housing market: SOOOO Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want.. - 04/22/13 11:04 PM

housing market: Zombie foreclosure?? - 04/21/13 11:14 PM
Zombie foreclosure statistics scary   How to avoid a 'zombie mortgage'
Mary UmbergerOn Real Estate April 19, 2013
This is how hot this "zombie" thing has become in our culture — they've sleepwalked their way off the TV screen and into the real estate market.
Well, sort of. I refer to the phenomenon of zombie foreclosures, which are homes that, like their pop culture namesakes, aren't exactly alive — but they're not dead either.
In a zombie foreclosure, the owner has gotten a foreclosure notice and subsequently packed up and moved, apparently thinking it's over — the banks will finish the … (1 comments)

housing market: Selling to move up? - 04/10/13 10:31 PM

housing market: The 10 Nerdiest Cities in America - 04/10/13 01:37 AM
The 10 Nerdiest Cities in America Embed Infographic  
I’m a nerd and proud of it. As a kid growing up in the ’80s, though, there were few things more terrifying than the prospect of being deemed a nerd for my love of comic books, computers, role-playing games, and myriad other “nerdy” pursuits.
Thinking back on it now, it seems crazy that things considered so mainstream and even cool nowadays could get anyone subjected to near constant ridicule at the hands of their peers, but, oh boy, did they ever. I was the poster child for every known form of physical … (2 comments)

housing market: How to Protect Your Home - 04/08/13 09:32 PM
How to Protect Your Home from Burglary  
According to the FBI, over two million burglaries occur each year in the United States, and 70 percent of them are in residential areas.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to turn your house into Fort Knox to secure your home – many of these solutions are free and take less than ten minutes!
Maintain your doors and locks. Inspect the condition of your exterior doors. Make sure that they fully close, are sturdy enough to provide resistance to kick-ins and that there are no gaps along the frame.
Also, check each door’s strike … (2 comments)

housing market: Don't send that buyer packing! - 04/07/13 10:28 PM

housing market: Honey.. does this make my butt look big? - 04/04/13 10:40 PM
Where Fashion Dies: The 10 Worst Dressed Cities 145  
Embed Infographic  
As Heidi Klum points out on each and every episode of “Project Runway”: In fashion, one week you’re in and the next—you’re out. Being that some of us are a bit obsessed with the hit reality competition show here at the Movoto blog, we thought we’d take a crack at finding out which major American cities were never really in on the whole fashion thing to begin with.
There are some well-known bastions of fashion, such as New York and Los Angeles, and some areas such as Texas that are … (0 comments)

housing market: Lack of inventory, making sellers reluctant? - 04/03/13 11:04 PM

housing market: I can't agree more! The time is now! - 04/02/13 10:59 PM
All of a sudden, the time to sell is now It seems the transition is complete. In a recent survey by Redfin, 82% of agents described now as a "good time to sell," while only 57% described now as "a good time to buy."
Let’s back up to the third quarter of 2012, when 54% of the agents polled considered it a good time to sell, but 75% called it a good time to buy.
This complete ‘180’ in the housing markets can only be backed by dangerously low inventory, prices that continue to appreciate and low interest rates pushing buyers … (2 comments)

housing market: 10 Cities Where You Might Be Eaten by a Dragon!! - 04/01/13 02:12 AM
10 Cities Where You Might Be Eaten by a Dragon Embed Slide  
Game of Thrones!
Excuse us while we go all fanboy on our blog and spew unadulterated love for the masterpiece TV show that finally—finally—returns to the airwaves this week.
If you haven’t guessed, everyone around the Movoto office has devoured “Game of Thrones.” A lot of us have watched the first two seasons multiple times. Some of us have even dived into the novels the series is based on. Our love is that great.
Just last week we got to talking about how we could bring the series, in some … (0 comments)

housing market: Buyer Misconceptions - 03/25/13 10:51 PM

housing market: It's a Block Party! - 03/24/13 10:41 PM
Block Party: Build Your Home Out of Tetris Pieces By Movoto
If you’ve been reading the Movoto blog for a while, you’ll know that in addition to real estate, we’re also kind of crazy about video games. This borderline obsession has led us to examine such highly practical things as how much Mario’s coins would be worth in real life and the value of Bowser’s castle. You know—the important stuff.
Which lead us to our latest quandary: figuring out just how many pieces from the classic puzzle video game Tetris would be required to build a house. Not a giant game of Tetris like … (0 comments)

housing market: Should I stay or should I go??? - 03/21/13 11:22 PM
The time to sell is a waiting game for some By Megan Hopkins  • March 21, 2013 • 2:57pm Real estate is always a game of knowing when to make your move.
With that in mind, industry experts suggest move-up buyers remain mindful of how quickly home prices appreciate while riding the current market recovery.
For move-up buyers wanting to wait out rising home prices to ensure they can sell their current home at a maximum price, analysts say the value of such a move depends on when the homeowner purchased their current residence.
Daren Blomquist, vice president of RealtyTrac, says homeowners … (1 comments)

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housing market: Top Five Mistakes Sellers Make - 03/19/13 10:44 PM

housing market: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Home Improvements - 03/18/13 10:42 PM
4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Home Improvements   Whether you’re sprucing up your home because the lagging real estate market has left you no choice but to “stay put” for a few more years, or you’re simply ready to take your home’s appearance to a new level, making home improvements can be a great way to change the look, feel, and (hopefully, positive!) value of your dwelling.
But, not all home improvements are created equal, in price, or payoff. Here are four things to consider before you invest in home improvements.
Why are you doing it? The more … (0 comments)

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