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If you own property in a wildland area designated as a State Responsibility Area (SRA), you may soon be paying a new $150 annual "fire prevention fee" per habitable structure on the property. This new fee was created by Assembly Bill 29 signed into law by Governor Brown in July of this year. The ...
HomeSteps, the real estate sales unit of Freddie Mac, is offering "Condo Cash," a special limited time offer that will provide eligible condominium buyers with up to $1,500 for standard condominium association dues. HomeSteps' Condo Cash is limited to buyers who submit offers between Aug. 15 and ...
I've come across a good article that describes some important things to think about if you are considering purchasing real estate as an investment (e.g., to rent out). It's not a complicated article about cash flow or investment yield or cap rates or any of that. Rather, it offers suggestions for...
The August 2011 edition of my Santa Clara County Real Estate Market Trends Report covering San Jose and surrounding communities is now available. This report covers the state of the real estate market thru July 2011, and is a wealth of practical and statistical information about the current state...
Whenever I research the latest foreclosure and distressed property statistics, the sheer number of Americans facing the stress of losing their homes amazes me. It is my goal to help as many homeowners I can either stay in their homes or relieve the burden of their mortgages. Knowing that there ar...
Here's a great opportunity to buy a fixer-upper and roll the costs to make it more energy efficient into the morgage without having to qualify on the higher amount. It's called an FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). Here is the description from the HUD web site: "EEMs recognize that reduced util...

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