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For those of you who live close to Wolf Trap AND to those who don't live close but are within in driving distance....THIS IS A MUST-DO -- take time to visit this BEAUTIFUL (and only) National Park for the Performing Arts -- especially during the day when there are no events scheduled.  We live ju...
Let me tell you about a terrific lesson learned from a recent listing I had in Falls Church City.  This experience working with these sellers taught me a valuable lesson that I'd like to share with my fellow agents & prospective sellers.   Tip:  Be pro-active & get a termite inspection completed ...
Meeting up with first-time homebuyers this afternoon to close on their new townhouse in Sterling.  This young, newly engaged couple, really knew little about the homebuying process, so they were totally dependent upon my knowledge and guidance.  This is why I love my job!  I met them first when t...
Whether you need a house or a spouse or both, I can be of service!!  I not only match people to homes and homes to people....but the most fun is matching people to people!  Or helping them sort out how to do both! I also help with matching people to jobs & jobs to people!
The last few months have been extra rewarding & fun because I've had so many first-time homebuyers!  These are my kind of clients -- they need someone to trust, they need your expertise and patience, and they need to know you care and are there for them....every step of the way!  They are so exci...
The best part of being a realtor, is you get to SERVE people, and be there for them every stey of the way, providing guidance as they make one of the biggest investment decisions of their life.  It gets quite personal for some, and having an agent who is compassionate, responsive, trustworthy & f...

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