montgomery county real estate: Your Client's Home Also Reflects On You! - 12/22/11 02:01 AM
As real estate professionals, we all try very hard to put our best feet forward.  Speaking for myself, I also would expect my client's to do the same.  So, when we're listing a home, I expect the photos to both reflect the home and its owners as well as my own professional staus.
Apparantly, not everyone feels the same way.  I received an online inquiry about a property in Fort Washington, PA.
Here is the message: Whomever listed this house should loose their RE license. The photos are adisgrace. Only a complete moron wuld posts these photos! No excuse for this! … (11 comments)

montgomery county real estate: And Now That You're Pre-Approved... - 12/22/11 01:29 AM
The Long-Awaited third installment of our series:
Now that you've been pre-approved for your dream loan, you are finally ready to:
Hire an Agent
Now that you know what all of your financing options are, you are now ready to shop for your new home! Forgetting the inherent bias in this opinion, but you should always do so with the professional guidance that a Realtor provides. First and foremost, a Buyer's Agent - hired by you - is an advocate for your interests and no one else's. We'll talk more on this particular line of thought at a later date.
Second, … (0 comments)

montgomery county real estate: Now That I've Talked to a Lender... - 12/14/11 02:34 AM
Continuing the conversation I began in a blog post a little ways back:
Okay, so you've already opened up a dialogue with your new mortgage lender. You've taken the first step in purchasing your new Montgomery County home. Congratulations! Whether or not this is the lender that you actually use for the mortgage itself is irrelevant for now. While you have them on the phone, take the next step and...
Get Pre-Approved!
Most initial conversations with a lender lead to getting "pre-qualified" for a loan. That's great. That and a dollar will buy you a soft pretzel at WaWa. "Pre-qualification" is a … (0 comments)

montgomery county real estate: What Do I Do First? - 12/01/11 05:57 AM
There has been a common theme amongst recent blogs here on Active Rain about what buyers need to do in the opening stages of a new home search.  The following is the first part of a three-part series I put together a few months ago on that very subject...
When it comes time to actually shopping for a home, the list of things that you need to do can seem a tad overwhelming.  There are so many things to consider: Where do I want to live? Are the schools any good? How many bedrooms do we need? How much do we … (2 comments)

montgomery county real estate: It's Election Day! Where Do I Vote? - 11/08/11 12:26 AM
I don't have scientific statistics, I only have personal experience and wild conjecture.  I firmly believe that a good number of our American neighbors do not vote on elections day simply because  they do know where to go to vote!
Seems silly, I know.
So, as a public service on this Election Day 2011, I'm going to help you - the voters of Montgomery County - out.
Just follow the link, pop in your info and BAM! instant polling place information!,a,1459,q,58101.asp
No matter whether your Democrat or Rebublican, Red, Blue, Green or Red, exercise your constitutional right to Vote today!

montgomery county real estate: Not Returning My Call Almost Cost Me A Client! - 11/02/11 05:43 AM
We have all heard the wonderful stories about agents who have seen success simply because they happened to answer their phone at the right time (when other agents wouldn't) or because they were prompt in returning that missed call.
Instead, this is a story about a potential client that almost got away because my calls to HIM were going unanswered.
On Sunday, I received an internet lead through our office website about a rental property listed with our office.  After a quick e-mail responding to the initial inquiry (no phone number was provided on … (70 comments)

montgomery county real estate: You Never Know What You're Gonna Find! - 11/01/11 12:18 AM
I've been sitting on this for a few weeks for the simple reason that it took me that long to formulate how I was going to relate this to the good people of Montgomery County.
First and foremost, in the interest of full disclosure, the following actually happened on an excursion with a buyer into Lehigh County.  We were talking a first look at a rehab project on the outskirts of Allentown.  Heading into the showing, we were aware of the pipe that had burst over the winter and the extensive damage caused to the kitchen as a result.  Everything would … (4 comments)

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