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This Blog focuses on providing information on the following mortgage products: FHA, Rural Housing, VA, Conventional, and Jumbo loans. Real Estate, MLS, market analysis, mortgage trends, credit repair, first time homebuyer Jennifer Tabor-Storre 25+ years experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries in greater Grand Rapids, West MI. area.
9 Credit Score Myths Do More Harm Than Good In today's economy, a good credit score is more valuable than ever, and for many, improving your score has become a financial priority. Turn on the radio or TV and you'll likely be bombarded with various credit-improving strategies. But not all advice i...
Going forward, borrowers who previously experienced a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure won't have to wait as long to get approved for a subsequent mortgage. Last week, mortgage financier Fannie Mae changed its required waiting period (the amount of time that must elapse after a pre-foreclosure event) ...
For Potential Home Buyers in Grand Rapids, MI. There are 5 Important Factors to Consider.  Purchasing a new home is an extremely exciting time in people's lives.  It is the single largest investment most will ever make.  It is a memory making spot for families and holds many treasures inside it....
Rising Intrest rates = Higher Mortgage payments for Home Buyers in Grand Rapids, MI. How Do Rising Interest Rates Affect Affordability? As responsible Lenders it is up to those of us who care deeply about our clientele to help them understand how qualifying REALLY works.  It is not accurate when...
Top 10 Reasons: There are thousands of reasons to visit and Live in Grand Rapids and Michigan. 1. Water Water Water... Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world.   Michigan has more shoreline than any other state except Alaska.  Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes and mor...
  Home buyer seminar in Grand Rapids, MI Buying a home can be one of the more exciting and rewarding events in your life. Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to relocate to a different home, let us help you reach your home ownership goals. Join us for this informative home buyer s...
Not if you are in the market for a new home in or around Grand Rapids, Michigan!!  I am not making light of another's misfortune in any way.  The recent rash of Foreclosures in Grand Rapids has created an opportunity, especially for those just starting out, and looking to purchase their first ho...
THE GOAL: RAISE YOUR SCORE  Are you purchasing an Automobile, Buying a home? Refinancing?   Is your FICO score preventing you from moving forward, applying for, or qualifying for a loan?   Are you burdened by credit card or old student loan debt?   Many home buyers believe they will never enjoy ...
  It is widely held that the impact of credit is an issue that affects EVERYONE.  Think for a moment of the power it has over today's Home Buyers.   Clearly, good credit in the 21st century, is going to continue to be a critical issue for those wishing to purchase Real Estate If your score is le...
Today your Fico (credit) scores are more important than EVER Before.  At Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group in Grand Rapids, MI. it is our goal to help Home Buyers fix credit reports that contain errors and inaccurate information. Offering Buyers wishing to purchase a Home the opportunity to do ...

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FHA and VA Home Loans, 0 Down Financing, Jumbo Loans
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