mortgages in grand rapids mi: How Will Rising Intrest Rates Effect Your Buying Power In Our Local Grand Rapids, MI. Real Estate Market?? - 04/08/10 05:08 AM

Rising Intrest rates = Higher Mortgage payments for Home Buyers in Grand Rapids, MI.
How Do Rising Interest Rates Affect Affordability?
As responsible Lenders it is up to those of us who care deeply about our clientele to help them understand how qualifying REALLY works.  It is not accurate when a Home Buyer is told they qualify for a particular purchase amount.
When we pre-approve a borrower we do so by qualifying them on a certain payment, not purchase amount.  There are a number of variables that can effect that payment amount...Taxes, Insurance, and Interest Rates being the main three!

mortgages in grand rapids mi: Foreclosure's Not A Bad Word After All In Grand Rapids, Michigan!! - 04/05/10 09:29 AM

Not if you are in the market for a new home in or around Grand Rapids, Michigan!!  I am not making light of another's misfortune in any way.  The recent rash of Foreclosures in Grand Rapids has created an opportunity, especially for those just starting out, and looking to purchase their first home.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) wants you to know about these homes.  They would like nothing more than to have you buy one (and remove that home from their inventory.)
You can view these listings at sites like where Gold Star Mortgage Financial … (0 comments)

mortgages in grand rapids mi: Just The Facts~The Credit Facts That Is~Part 3 - 03/22/10 02:07 AM

Are you purchasing an Automobile, Buying a home? Refinancing?   Is your FICO score preventing you from moving forward, applying for, or qualifying for a loan? 
 Are you burdened by credit card or old student loan debt? 
 Many home buyers believe they will never enjoy the best mortgage rates , and often feel as though their real estate resources are exhausted. 
 If you can identify with the millions of potential home buyers in America who feel they cannot get the home of their dreams, you can identify with our clients, and we can identify with you.
We … (0 comments)

mortgages in grand rapids mi: Just The Facts~Credit Facts That Is~Part 2 - 03/12/10 05:51 AM

It is widely held that the impact of credit is an issue that affects EVERYONE.  Think for a moment of the power it has over today's Home Buyers. 
 Clearly, good credit in the 21st century, is going to continue to be a critical issue for those wishing to purchase Real Estate
If your score is less than 720, it is possible you have negative information reporting on your credit.  If that is the case, in steps Gold Star Credit Repair. 
 At Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group of Grand Rapids, MI. we are proud to offer this in house credit service … (2 comments)

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